Overwhelmed? Go Take A Hike

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When life gets overwhelming… Go take a hike.

I’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, so the obvious answer was to give hiking with my crew a try.Go Take a Hike Hiking has always been my favorite way to take a breather, find perspective, forget my troubles… but I gave it up for way too many years.

I think it always seemed daunting, between the drive, and packing (and carrying) supplies, and the worry of kids getting tired or whiny. I have this all or nothing personality, and I forget there is often middle ground. A hike doesn’t need to be 8+ miles of grueling terrain.Go Take a Hike

This week we started small, with 2.5 miles and mostly flat terrain. We went slowly and explored every little side trail and place that caught our interest.
Go Take a HikeFor a few hours, it was just us and the great outdoors. Just what I needed… what we all needed!Go Take a Hike
Jonathan walked almost the whole way, saying “WALK like guys!” anytime I offered to carry him. Go Take a HikeOnly two children fell into the water… I guess that’s a success. Go Take a Hike

And this princess hiked in a skirt. Go Take a Hike

I’m glad I warned the kids to watch for snakes, as we found two along the path and on the rocks! The kids are convinced the snakes were water moccasins. I’m doubtful… but I definitely didn’t get close enough to figure it out!
Go Take a Hike

Stressed but blessed. That’s the honest truth.

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  1. I love to walk and hike especially in the beauty of nature. I lost my ability to enjoy if for years, always thinking about what I “should” be doing. I have made a conscious effort to take time to relax, go for a hike and accept that sometimes that is what I “should” be doing.

  2. There is just something with reconnecting with nature that makes us feel more balanced and normal! We love to pack the kids in the car and escape to the mountains for a weekend.
    So peaceful and so relaxing! The last “hike” we took was to the hoodoo’s in Drumheller.

  3. I too love being outdoors, and hiking is a long lost love of mine. I think its wonderful you got all your kids out there and rolled with whatever came your way – snakes and all. I feel like taking time away from the everyday does help us re-charge and is therapeutic. Slowing down and enjoying can make all the difference! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful family! We used to hike all of the time when we lived up north, but since coming to Florida we got out of the habit. But it’s so true that getting outside can completely change your outlook when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I miss those hiking days.

  5. We love to hike! There is something about being together and being outside that just calms you and brings you ‘together’.

  6. Wow this looks amazing. I tend to go for a walk when I’m stressed, as there isn’t anyway to hike where I live. Great advice!

  7. My kids all love to get outside, and it definitely is a stress reliever. Of course, I am more the complainer than the kids 🙂 Fresh air does wonders for my attitude though!

  8. Such a great idea. I haven’t gone on a hike in such a long time, it would be a perfect way to decompress. Especially when overwhelmed or stressed.

  9. Hiking in nature is a kind of relaxation, I think. I’d love to do hiking where I can enjoy both, the green and the water. Looks like your family enjoy the activity.

  10. Walking has become one of my favorite de-stressors. I am glad I found the value of being in nature and walking but I wish I knew when I was younger.

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