Terrific Thursday: Homemade iced coffee

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As a teenager, I never passed a coffee shop without stopping for a yummy treat.  Now, coffee shops are neither fun nor practical.  You’d think that the new coffee shop drive-thru would be great for a busy mom, but since I’ve been blessed with car seat hating babies, wasting precious moments for a coffee break is unthinkable.  And coffee shops conveniently located in the grocery store?  Not advisable for a clutsy mother shopping with a baby strapped to her chest.  Trips to the mall? During our rare mall trips I’m a speed racer trying to squeeze in all the necessary stops before the kids melt down rather than leisurely browsing while enjoying a latte.

And if the above reasons didn’t give me pause, the price at the café would…especially considering the sweets and chocolate milk cleverly displayed at child’s eye level beside the cash register.  A five dollar latte can turn into a 25 dollar tab in no time!

Enter homemade iced coffee–I’ve found that enjoying my drink while browsing Pinterest during the kids’ rest time is 10 times more enjoyable than spending 5 bucks at the coffee shop while supervising 5 children!  Adding to my homemade coffee pleasure is sipping my coffee from an awesome cup.  If I am a sucker for anything it is cute bags and cool beverage holders.  I can walk past a display of the latest fashions with barely a glance, but place a shelf of water bottles, tumblers or mugs in my path and I’m sure to stop.

I found this Halloween tumbler  at Petsmart, where the kids and I were killing time after I foolishly locked my keys in our van.  While waiting for Rob to rescue us I looked at the tumbler and walked away…came back and looked again…picked it up and walked around the store with it…and finally put it back for good after deciding that I didn’t NEED it so, even at half price I wasn’t going to buy it.

Days later, running errands with my parents, we stopped at Petsmart and there was my tumbler, now marked down to 75% off.  I’d left my wallet in the car, and knowing my Mom would not let me pay her back if I asked to borrow some cash I asked, “Mom, would you buy me this cup?”

Later we laughed about the great deal I got… not only did I not buy my cup for full price, or half price, or even 75% off… I convinced my Mom to buy it for me!


*Homemade Iced Coffee Tips

Keep a small pitcher of coffee in your fridge– you can use the leftover coffee from your morning pot, or if you are like me and there are no leftovers, just brew a pot specifically for the fridge pitcher!

Fill a tumbler (one that makes you smile!) with ice, fill the cup 3/4th (or a little less) with coffee.  Sprinkle in your sweetener.  Add some flavor such as a splash of flavored coffee creamer, coffee syrup, or even caramel ice cream topping.  Finish filling the cup with milk.

Enjoy the yumminess!


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