Teach Cursive the Easy Way with CursiveLogic {Review}

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Teaching cursive can be a daunting task. Most public schools don’t even try to teach children cursive anymore! Regardless, I still believe cursive is an important skill to for my children to master. Cursive allows for quicker writing and note taking, not to mention it is just more professional and even prettier when corresponding in writing.

So far, two of my children write in cursive- both girls…but now it’s time to teach my first son. The girls were motivated, wanting to have the beautiful handwriting that cursive allows. I showed them the new letters and connections at the beginning of each lesson and they did the rest, excited each day to fill a page with beautiful looping letters.

I feared my son would be difficult. His aim for all things school is get it done as quickly as possible. I figured the repetitive nature of our usual cursive curriculum would bring groans and less than his best effort.

Then I learned about CursiveLogic, and had the opportunity to receive a copy of the CursiveLogic Workbook for review. I was excited to try out CursiveLogic’s unique (and logical) way of teaching cursive which doesn’t require page after page of rewriting the same letter!Cursive Logic

Letters are taught in strings, from the very beginning. No learning the letter, and then relearning how to connect it to another letter!Cursive Logic

Other ways that CursiveLogic simplifies teaching cursive are using color coding and catch phrases for each letter shape, to aid students in their memory. Plus, since many letters are taught in one lesson, students can immediately begin writing real words!Cursive Logic

Cursive the traditional way seems so intimidating, but the CursiveLogic way just makes sense. How does it make sense? CursiveLogic groups letters into four basic shapes, and all letters of that shape are taught in one lesson. See no pages full of one letter at a time!Cursive Logic

 Just like his sisters before him, Michael asks to do his cursive lesson first. I  believe the only reason for that is this simple, logical method of teaching cursive which is exciting, fun and not tedious in any way! He loves knowing that once he masters cursive he is done with handwriting as a subject forever. With this method the end is in sight- he will likely finish well before the end of his third grade year!
Check it out, especially for your students struggling with handwriting, or students like my boy who want to maximize learning time efficiently to leave plenty of play time; you won’t be sorry.Teach Cursive the Logical Way: simple, effective, quick and easy. A homeschool cursive curriculum review by Big Family Blessings

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CursiveLogic Review
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