Friday Quick Takes {Kinda}

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Yes, I know it’s Saturday…. That’s the kind of week it’s been.

What a week. It’s been the hardest one in a long time.

Someone we love very much is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. After a major surgery, chemo is next. We are far away, and there isn’t anything I can do.6 little lands

Early in my newlywed days our Sunday school teacher told us to look around the room. He told us that one day only half of us would remain if we followed the statistics. I remember thinking, not me, never us… and even looking at certain couples thinking about who it might be.

Looking back on that class, I think we are fast approaching that 50% mark.
This year, I walked this road of new single Mom with a friend from one of our newlywed Sunday School classes- another one of those couples that seemed so solid, unable to falter. 10 years ago the future looked bright. Everytime we talked on the phone in the past year, I hung up feeling that she was the strong one. But, this weekend she took her own life, leaving behind a young son.

To say I’m sad is an understatement. Shocked. Reminded that all it takes is a really rough spot in the day, week, year to make a bad decision like that. To just decide that it’s too hard.Friday Quick TakesThen, my blog crashed- for the first time in 3 years. Such a minor thing really. But, after finally seeing my hard work paying off I panicked. What if I lost everything?? And I had 6 hard deadlines to meet in the coming week. It meant 24 hours on and off the phone with support and getting very behind with my blogging workload. This job is such a blessing. I work late into the night while my kids sleep, but I’m there with them all day, every day. They love the perks of being ‘blogger kids’ with the fun crafts and recipes we photograph each week. And I really, really enjoy what I do…but, it is a job and I can’t have the site crashing on me!

The hazards of blogging when the toddler won't take a nap...
The hazards of blogging when the toddler won’t take a nap…

No matter what I’m feeling personally- being a Momma can’t stop.

2015-09-26_0003One thing I know, watching this crew do life is good for the soul. I’m reminded what a privilege it is to be their Momma. And even the hardest days are worth fighting through.

So we squeeze in a boat ride on a beautiful day. Because this time of year, you never know when it will be the last for the year.

Fall on the lake

And we go to the library.

And make projects on the porch.porch projects

And eat so many peanuts that it takes a whole crew to sweep the hulls off the porch.peanut sweeping

God is good, all the time. Even when life is tough. Even when there are more ‘whys’ than answers.

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  1. It just goes to show you that we never really know what is in someone else’s head. It’s a sad situation – especially for those she left behind – but I’m sure it made you remember how valuable your life is not only to you but to those that love you!

  2. Wow! What a difficult week you have had. I am so sorry that your loved one is dealing with cancer. That is so tough. And the news about your friend is devastating. I shall keep you in my warm thoughts and prayers. So glad that your blog is back up and running. All such good reminders that life is precious and family time of upmost value.

  3. I’m sorry it’s been such a tough week. It would be a lot to deal with for anyone. But you have a beautiful family and adorable kids. I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

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