Saturday Afternoon

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I find it almost impossible to believe that my house, which was close to caught up and straight on Friday before dinner, is now a disaster zone.  Before dinner on Friday I felt ahead, proud of myself for finishing both homemade muffins for breakfast and a double batch of cookies for Saturday’s softball game.

Then we get home from today’s games and I notice that I have a dishwasher full of clean dishes plus an entire counter full of dirty ones, not to mention toys everywhere and breakfast still on the kitchen table!  Such is the life in a big and busy family!

The kids are zoning out in front of the television, exhausted from the last 18 hours of practices and games in the heat while I am trying to motivate myself to move from the cozy chair and my computer towards the mess I call my house!

But, because I can’t leave a post without a photo I have to add this one of 3 of my girls walking the track during football.  I love the way the gorgeous sunlight is almost as much subject as the children.

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