Traveling with Toddlers- 6 Things to Make Your Life Easier

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Traveling with toddlers should be considered an olympic sport. The sheer exhaustion of trying to keep up with a toddler in new and crowded locations is enough to make a Mom stay home for a child’s entire toddlerhood!

Toddlers have so many needs, and keeping up with those away from home can be difficult. OXO Tot makes 6 incredible products for toddlers that really help make Momma’s life easier when on-the-go with a toddler in tow.2016-09-06_0005

My toddler and I tested out 6 great travel products from OXO Tot during our summer adventures.

On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser with Diaper PouchOXO Tot

This pouch is perfect for traveling. My favorite feature is the easy to open strap. I tend to carry a lot of stuff in my diaper bag, and putting my hands on a diaper, a pack of wipes, and diaper cream all at once is nearly impossible. Especially when my wiggly toddler is on those public bathroom fold out changing tables. Keeping one hand on him makes getting what I need from the diaper bag nearly impossible. But this pouch from OXO Tot changes that! I use the handy strap to keep the pouch attached to my stroller. No more digging in the diaper bag bottomless pit at changing time!

Handy Stroller Hookhandy stroller hook OXO Tot

This stroller hook is also so handy to have while traveling with toddlers. Not only does it work well to hang a shopping bag or purse, but my 5-year-old also uses it to hang onto the stroller in crowded places.

Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup SetOXO Tot

This sippy cup will take a child from first sippy to drinking from a real cup, in just one product. Start with the soft silicone spout, then later graduate to the training lid so help your child get used to drinking from a grown up cup. As the baby of 6 kids, my toddler is ready to give up sippy cups to drink like his big siblings. I, on the other hand, do not want more messes to clean up! This lid is the perfect way to give the toddler some practice, with less mess for me!2016-09-06_0015

Flippy Snack CupOXO Tot

One thing I’ve learned about traveling with toddlers, is always pack snacks. In fact, pack enough snacks for the trip, then double that amount! A hungry toddler is not a fun traveling companion! My son loves this snack cup. The handle makes it easy to hold, and the silicone opening keeps his snacks from spilling all over the stroller!OXO Tot

Cleaning Set for StrawOXO Tot

This set is so handy for cleaning the cracks and crevices of toddler sippy cups. It is also great for cleaning my older children’s straws and sports cups!

2-in-1 Go PottyOXO Tot

This travel potty is genius! My toddler is nearing potty training age, and I am so excited to have this potty on hand. Not only will it fit on public toilet seats to keep my son comfortable and clean, but it also turns into a travel potty. Any Mom who has been in the car, in the middle of no where, with a newly potty trained toddler understands how awful it is to hear, “Mommy… Gotta potty,” from the backseat! This potty solves that problem completely! Simply unfold the legs, add a disposable bag, and your toddler has a potty he can use anywhere!Traveling with Toddlers - 6 Things to Make Your Life Easier

What are your best tips for traveling with a toddler? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Although my kids are 6 and 13, I think these are great products to have on hand. I used to make the 3 hour trip from North Carolina to Virginia when my son was a toddler and could have used so many of these. Especially the snack container. Can’t tell you how much food he wasted on the floor!

  2. There are so many great toddler products out there now. I wish there would have been more items like this when my daughter was young. I love the snack containers and the tools to clean them with.

  3. These look like great products that have you covered! We always kept a potty in the car when we were training and traveling by car! It sure helped!

  4. These are all great products! My youngest is 5 and they did not have much of this when he was little. Crazy how each year more ideas come out. These would have been a life saver with my little ones!

  5. Such great product ideas. Some of those items aren’t just for toddlers too my older kids spill in the car. I bet we could use some of those snack cups to prevent spillage. Great products oxo

  6. That travel potty is pure genius! I would’ve loved one of those when my daughter was younger. The snack container is awesome too.

  7. All of these products are must-haves for travel. We especially loved the sippy cup and diaper pouch. And potty! You covered all your bases here, great post! xox

  8. Yes to this whole list! My kids are older now but I remember the agony of pulling over every 30 minutes to find a restroom (or worse – NOT finding one) because my newly potty-trained child couldn’t hold it any longer. Snacks are essential. I wish we’d had one of those handy cups to prevent spills and messes!

  9. Those snack containers would be great even for my older children, especially while in the car. I like the transitional sippy too. And may I just say, your little boy, is adorable!

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