Another October in the Books!

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Last fall, with the holiday season looming, I looked forward to a time when the last holiday memories would be from our ‘new life’. I hoped the holidays of 2015 would be easier.

For the kids at least this October and Halloween, were easier- even good!

It may have been harder for me- but as long as they are thriving I’m happy enough.

This month we enjoyed both old and new(er) pumpkin patch traditions, enjoyed fall festivals and a Halloween party, plus spent time with friends and family in both NC and VA.

I think that was a big part of October going so well- the mix of old and new. Feeling that we haven’t completely lost the old, and having a fun, jam-packed month with the new.


After one fall festival, Miriam said,

“Momma, when I think back to what we went through, I wonder how in the world we survived. It was so hard.

But just like you said it would; now this life, just the 7 of us, feels normal.”

Normal… that’s definitely good enough for now.


After our annual NC pumpkin field trip, we enjoyed the pumpkin patch that we fell in love with last year, just the 7 of us here in Virginia.IMG_0104

It has to be one of my favorite places to take the kids, ever, and it’s 9 miles down the road! (And I thought moving out here might mean very little nearby adventure!)

The adorable animals alone would have been enough for my crew- but that was just the beginning.2015-10-31_0002

We raced ducks, played in corn cribs, and slung apples via a huge slingshot into the field for the farm animals to enjoy.2015-10-31_0013 2015-10-31_0012 2015-10-31_0011 2015-10-31_0009

Adventured in a corn maze.


I love Michael sapping his own picture of Jon hiding in the corn.
I love Michael snapping his own picture of Jon hiding in the corn.


And I almost forgot the hayride!2015-10-31_0016It was a wonderful afternoon and a pretty great month!





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  1. What a fun trip. Looks like that farm was lots of fun for all. We took our kids to pick their own pumkins this year and even raced each other thru a corn maze. There were lots of laughs that day!

  2. It looks like you and your family are making the most of autumn! Hope you continue to have fun and enjoy the season with your family. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the Pumpkin Patch. I love this time of year with all the fall festivals , cooler temperatures, and changing leaves.

  4. It looks like your October was pretty special. Great pictures. I especially love the Love pumpkin backdrop. That’s just about perfect for a sweet snapshot.

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