Roller Skating Update

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I wondered as we prepared to leave for dollar night at the skating rink if I needed my head examined.  Between the memory of the drama at our last skating adventure, being out past normal bedtime, and the sheer force of our toddler monster I knew the likelihood of a successful outing was pretty slim.  I really hesitated, but I just can’t punish the big kids by curbing our outings when the difficulty is the toddler.  Skating is something all the kids love- we just had to go!

When the races were announced I wondered if Rebekah would race.  We discussed her loss right after our last skating session, but since then we’ve not talked about it at all.  I didn’t want to bring on any self-consciousness if it wasn’t there.

I saw Rebekah’s excited face in the group of kids waiting to race.  Three little girls lined up to race when her age group was called.  I immediately worried when I saw the other girls wearing inline skates, which are faster than her quad skates, AND saw that she choose the position closest to the edge of the rink rather than the slightly shorter inner route.  I think I held my breath from the time she started skating until I saw the look on her face at the end of the race.

She crossed that finish line with the biggest smile possible.  “Mommy, I came in 2nd!  I wasn’t last!!”

Hip hip hooray!  That’s my Bekah.  Instead of feeling defeated that she didn’t win the race she celebrated the victory of placing 2nd in a three person race.

And our ‘toddler monster’ had a really good night.  I’m so glad we took the chance and went skating!


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  1. We are glad you guys took a chance and made it. As always, my kids loved hanging out with your kids. And tell Bekah that I enjoyed skating with her! 🙂

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