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I have never been one to allow the size of my family or young age of my kids to stop us from adventuring. Sure sometimes I end up in over my head, but usually our outings are wonderful…even if I end up exhausted and in bed asleep before the bigger kids turn out their reading lamps!Carowinds adventure

Even though our life is in a tailspin I don’t want to miss these months of my children’s lives.  This weekend we walked away from the to do list and spent the day at Carowinds Amusement Park.  It was such a nice day- the weather was slightly chilly and windy, just enough to keep the crowds down on opening weekend so it wasn’t difficult to keep up with my little crew.I got this

I only promised to stay just long enough to do a few rides in the kiddy area in case I felt overwhelmed and we needed to bail out.  But we stayed for over 6 hours! Rebekah and Emily were my observers pretty often.  Emily would ride anything with no fear, but she’s too short for some of the faster rides in the kids area.  Rebekah doesn’t like anything tall or fast, so she is happy to ride the little rides as Emily’s helper while Michael and Miriam (and sometimes Peyton) take on the thrills.not sure of the ride

One thing I love about this particular kiddy area, is that they usually have a preschool ride right next to a more thrilling kids ride.  With the lack of crowds I could stand at the preschool ride and still watch Michael and Miriam as they got to experience the thrills.sleeper and map reader

I was glad I stocked my stroller and diaper bag with treats, since we stayed so long.  I have to admit, that though I am usually a rule follower, I always break the no outside food rules.  Even without considering the expense of buying food at the park, its a logistical nightmare.  Ever tried getting enough food to feed a crew like mine, while also keeping up with all of them, holding babies and the hands of little ones AND carrying all the food?  It doesn’t work well at all!

During our day we went through a full box each of peanut butter crackers, granola bars, cheddar squares and graham crackers!dinosaurs alive

I am so glad we took the day off!  Love adventuring with my crew!

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