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On the PorchSince we only had two days on the lake with Rob last month, we decided to head back to Virginia for one last summer lake weekend.  The big four kids went up a few days early for some extra time at Grandma’s.

Tree Climbers

I packed their suitcases without looking up the weather.  It’s August  in the south- I knew to expect hot, hotter, or sweltering.  WRONG!  It felt like we went to bed in August and woke up in late October.  I could not believe I sent my kids away with nothing but bathing suits and summer clothing and the weather suddenly turns to 65 degrees!  For both visits this summer I have packed everyone a hoodie, which never came out of the suitcase either time.  So I figured a hoodie was surely an example of my “everything but the kitchen sink” packing nature and skipped it for the August visit.

Loving on G.G.

At home Emily got to be the only child for a few days.  Last time she barely seemed to notice her missing siblings and enjoyed being the boss of the house. This time was different.  Every time we got in the van she would look around, surprised that her ‘guys’ weren’t in the last place she saw them.  When she sat down at the table to eat, she called each siblings’ name saying, “Come EAT!!!!!” She was so glad to have her ‘guys’ back when we got to Grandma’s house!

Emily Farm Girl

Once we got to the lake, it was obvious that we weren’t spending the weekend out on the water unless we wanted to freeze.  Although, the crazy kids still rode the float behind the boat and swam a few times as the end of the weekend warmed up to a mere 80 degrees.  Instead of boating and swimming we spent our time just relaxing and visiting, plus we spent a day on my Grandmother’s farm.

G.G. watching the kids play




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