VBS and Adventures at Grandma’s House

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I promised the kids that we would go to Grandma’s church for VBS week this year.  In the end, the kids and I spent almost 2 weeks with my parents rather than the previously planned one week.

We spent the first week in the country at my parent’s parsonage, so that we could attend VBS at their church.  I worried that the kids would be bored, but that turned out to be far from reality.  We even brought schoolwork with us, but only did one morning of work due to all of our playing and adventures.Swimming Hole

We rode bicycles, swam in a friends pool and spent a day at a public beach on the lake.  Lake Swimming

VBS was awesome for all of us.  Families from church signed up to provide dinner before VBS, which I think is the greatest thing ever!  That is one sure-fire way to get this Momma to church in the evening.  It is amazing how much easier getting out of the house easily and with no drama was when I didn’t have to worry about feeding everyone and dinner clean up before walking out the door.  The fact that church is walking distance from the parsonage was also wonderful.  Will someone, please build a church on my street??VBC Crazy Hair Fun

I got a crash course in the sound and projector system, and got to help out with photography slide shows and playing music videos for group worship time.  The church really welcomed our family and we felt right at home.  The kids loved their teachers, classmates, the activities and especially music time.  Each night had a theme- crazy hair night was our favorite!

Plus, we had two picnics to attend!  One at a cousin’s lake house and another on a nearby farm. The entire week was such a wonderful experience, between the friendliness of the church members, the fun activities, the lake, old farm houses, and plentiful farm land.  Farm Picnic

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