Strawberry Picking

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The children and I met cousins for our first trip to a strawberry patch.  Each spring, I’ve considered picking strawberries, but instead we’ve bought our berries from a nearby farm stand.  After our experience strawberry picking I doubt the children will agree to a quick stop for pre-picked berries in the future.

At the strawberry patch, the farmer gave the children a lesson on how to choose the best berries.  They listened carefully and only picked perfectly ripe berries and the result is astonishing.  While our farm stand bought, pre-picked berries have been yummy, the berries the children picked are absolutely delicious.  Rob says these are the best strawberries he has ever eaten.

Ashley and Rebekah were inseparable the entire morning.  Their buckets were well less than half full due to their concentration on avoiding the squishy berries and bugs–as well as their constant chatter.

It took 20 minutes of picking before Peyton realized that the things she put in her bucket were the same strawberries she eats at our kitchen table.  Afterwards, not many strawberries made it her bucket!

Michael picked all the strawberries that looked like ‘bottoms.’

I cannot believe I’ve been afraid to go strawberry picking with my crew until now.  I’ve had nightmare visions of kids trampling strawberry plants or a toddler pulling plants from the ground.  Berry picking was such a pleasure after all!  We got to spend time with extended family, the oldest 3 children were capable of picking strawberries independently, Peyton was happy, and Emily slept in her wrap while I got to take photos–that’s a perfect morning for this Momma.


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