Awesome Afternoon

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It seems that God often gives me a piece of a perfect day just when I desperately need it. The past week has been a bit rough. Rob’s working a long week and we miss him. The baby is into everything, is teething, and fighting sleep for all she’s worth. I am behind on chores and haven’t been sleeping enough hours each night myself. Then, yesterday afternoon there was perfection.
Emily fell asleep for her morning nap without a fight and slept for two blissful hours. The kids and I finished school, got the downstairs straighten up, folded laundry, and cuddled on the couch for a long reading session.
Later, for at least an hour I sat on the beanbag reading a book for pleasure with Michael laying across my lap getting a back rub. The girls played Mommy with their live baby doll who was surprisingly cooperative after her long nap. Emily happily allowed them to tote her around from spot to spot, endured being put to sleep in their crib made of miscellaneous blankets and pillows, and pretended to eat the baby food Rebekah ‘cooked’ for her.
The happiness, the harmony, the creative and cooperative play…these are the times that bolster me through the rough patches!



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