Clover the Pig Thinks She’s a Dog.

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Even though I keep talking about our farm, I realize that at the moment, we live on an old farm- not a working farm. Our one farm animal is not a farm animal at all. She’s a pet.Clover the Pig at the Big Red Barn

When we bought Clover the Pig I knew she would be just a pet, not future food. She’d be cute and fun, and she’d begin teaching the kids about taking care of animals.

I had no idea just how much of a pet she would be though! I thought we’d feed and water her, keep her barn clean and watch her out in the field. It turns out that she’s part of the family. She’s as involved with us as a dog, maybe even more! You know, I’m pretty sure Clover thinks she is a dog. Actually, she’s more ‘dog’ than our puppy. She’s a pretty great ‘dog.’Clover the Pig and Amity

I just have to share some hilarious Clover the Pig videos with you today.

Though she likes to find a cool spot in a muddy corner of the yard, she comes back to say hello and get a back scratch very often.

Dirty Snout, Happy Pig
Dirty Snout, Happy Pig

We are her herd, so she usually sticks close to us in the yard. Usually, if she walks too far, we just call “Clover” and she immediately replies with an oink and runs over to rejoin the group. For some reason, on this particular afternoon she didn’t want to come back to the yard where we sit. Even Miriam banging her metal can food lid (which usually results in a full blown sprint to the barn for dinner) didn’t sway her. I can’t believe how difficult it is to move a 30(ish) pound pig when she sets her mind to not moving!

I love this sweet piggy! So glad she’s part of our ‘farm.’

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  1. LOL that’s funny that she didn’t want to move even w/the little pushes. 🙂 I know two people who have pigs for pets. One has worked out great, the other not so much…their pig turned out to be mean and bites now. They don’t want anyone to hurt him so they keep him anyway, but everyone has to be very careful.

  2. This is so adorable! My daughters keep telling me that pigs make great pets, maybe I should listen to them!

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