A (mostly) Jenny Cat Friday Phone Dump

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Scenes from our week (mostly) with Jenny Cat

School’s out for summer! Yippee!

Mid May Phone DumpJenny Cat doesn’t look too thrilled with Jon’s favorite pastime of hug and kiss the kitty, but she is the most tolerant kitten in the world. She never runs when she sees him coming, and she doesn’t try to escape his extreme love. Even better she doesn’t bite or scratch…ever!Mid May Phone DumpAt least she (and Smokey) get sweet snuggles and love from the big kids. I don’t know if Smokey is smarter than Jenny or just less loving- but he keeps his distance from the younger kids whenever he can.
Mid May Phone DumpDid I mention that Jenny is the most tolerant kitten in the world? She never tried to jump from Peyton’s basket, and even fell asleep during her ride! Mid May Phone DumpEvidence of Jon’s other favorite pasttime- the snatch and grab…with a kiss or two for good measure.
Mid May Phone DumpEnding with my view many afternoons this week. Mid May Phone Dump
Ya’ll, I sit on my front porch swing working on this blog, that has quickly become a part-time job, and I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude. I have the privilege of working while my children play right there in front of me (and even more often while the house is sleeping). Thank you for reading our stories, for commenting, for engaging with sponsored posts, buying through affiliate links, and sharing posts you love. Because of you I have this job that is truly a dream come true!

P.S. Check out my cute ‘new’ turquoise wicker planter. Rob found it discarded in an outbuilding and presented it to me with a pot of flowers and can of spray paint in my favorite color. I find that there are so many things that ‘belong’ to this house- things I generally would never dream of decorating with or embracing, but they just belong here. The proof of over 80 years of love and use.

Looking forward to the next decade (give or take) of adding to that love!


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