Easter Egg Hunting

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My favorite memory from Easter 2012 is watching the children hunting for Easter eggs.  The big kids almost brought me to tears as I watched how sweet they were during the hunting.

On Easter morning as the children waited excitedly upstairs I quietly told the big kids that I noticed several eggs in plain sight right at the bottom of the stairs.  I asked that they pass over those eggs and go on into the other rooms to allow Peyton chance to fill her bag.  It turns out that I had no need of making that statement.  In fact, I believe those eggs ended up being some of the last ones put into the Easter bags.

The kids came off the stairs and scattered to begin their hunting.  Almost immediately I heard, “Peyton, come here I found a pink one!” and “Peyton, I see some over here, come look!” 

Peyton could barely seek herself for being called in so many directions by her loving big siblings who wanted her to find the biggest, best, (and pinkest) eggs.

For the entire hunt there was no frantic rush to get the most eggs.  They excitedly searched for eggs, but then called to their siblings to come find what they were finding.  Mostly they were eager to help Peyton, but I also noticed the big ones helping other big kids.  If a green camo was found they called Michael.  Rebekah would pick up an egg and then point for a sibling to pick up the one beside it.

Hunting for Easter eggs is tiring work!

After church when the kids went hunting for eggs Grandma hid outside.  They did the same thing for Peyton even though they (correctly) guessed that Grandma’s eggs were probably filled with money.

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