Tandem Babywearing and Emilyisms

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Excuse our jammies and bed head, but this was too cute not to share.  Emily, at 21 months, often fights when I’d like to wrap her.  She wants the security of riding on my hip, but she doesn’t like to be wrapped knowing that her ups and downs will be limited.  Some days my arm feels like its going to fall off from the constant holding and toddler’s indecisive up and downs.  Often when I’m working in the kitchen, her choices are go play happily with her siblings, stand at my feet and cry or submit to the wrap so I can cook with both hands.  This particular day I coaxed her into the wrap with the promise of wrapping her baby with her.


Emily doesn’t like to share me with her Daddy.  When we kiss she puts her hand over my mouth and exclaims, “YOURS Momma!!”  Since we often tell Emily, “That’s not yours,” when she tries to own every toy in the house she has come to use the word “Yours!” where most toddlers yell, “Mine!!!”


She loves to play Little Momma.  I often find her rocking and feeding her baby dolls and other toys.  When her babies are hungry she brings them to me and wants to take turns nursing with her dolly.  If I’m not willing she will either go get a doll bottle or nurse the toy herself.  Yesterday I found her on the floor beside our dog Memphis with her shirt pulled up and her belly to Memphis’ ear, “Eat Memphis!” she kept repeating.




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