The Year of Grace

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Watching my girls dance is a reminder that grace doesn’t come naturally.  Grace takes concentration, determination, and practice, practice, practice.

Graceful Miriam

While God’s grace for us is free and freely given, my grace as a Momma is hard-won.  My kids need grace…I need grace in this crazy season of life.  That’s my resolution for 2014; concentrating on Grace.

Graceful Bek

When the house is a mess and I am exhausted it is hard to give myself grace.  When I am stressed and speak harshly to a child, or expect more than I should- it is easy to be frustrated with myself.  To tell myself that I can’t do it; that I’m not good enough to be their Momma.  In truth, I’m not good enough. I’m going to mess up…over and over again.  But, God gives me grace, he doesn’t expect me to be perfect.  If I were a perfect Mom and had perfect kids what need would we have for Jesus?

Not so graceful

The kids need me to give them grace when they mess up, so that they can have a tangible reminder of the grace God gives when they sin.  Discipline is important, but I must temper it with grace.

Bek's Leap

2014- the year of grace

I will give myself grace when I mess up

I will show my children grace when they mess up

2013-12-30_0002 God’s grace is a free gift- an amazing gift.  Realizing that giving grace myself is hard work makes the free gift of God’s grace all the more sweet!

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  1. I will give myself grace when I mess up. I will show my children grace when they mess up. This is such an apt reminder for me as I was so hot tempered when I was disciplining my daughter this weekend that there was definitely no grace demonstrated. Thanks for linking up too.

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