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12… twelve… Wow.Miriam twelve

I know I can’t write much today- or I’ll be a soggy pile of tears in a heartbeat! I think every birthday from now on will be like this. Knowing that there are less years of her in my home day in and day out ahead than behind. No more blinking!
Miriam twelve

My girl, what a year it has been. Yet, through it all Miriam grows in grace and beauty. She really is amazing. She wears her heart on her sleeve, yet she is so strong and brave. Sometimes she teaches me more than I teach her.Miriam twelveDetermined, patient, and with a love for knowledge. Whatever there is to learn, she’s right there soaking it all in from latin, to sewing, to wiring electrical systems, and building fences. Even if the project takes all day, she hangs in there seeing whatever she does through to the very end. At 12, I often ask for her help- whether it’s a grammar question that stumps both her younger sister and me, or figuring out how to turn on the lawnmower.Miriam twelve
I’m so glad she’s mine!

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  1. What lovely pictures of your daughter! My youngest is 11 so I can completely relate. Every birthday brings her one step closer to college and life on her own. It’s definitely bittersweet.

  2. It is always so hard to watch our little ones grow up. On the other hand, it is a wonderful thing. I love seeing how children become their own and become good young adults. She is a beautiful girl and I can tell she is also beautiful on the inside.

  3. She’s beautiful! My oldest is going to be 12 next month and I still don’t know how he got so old so fast. And so much smarter than me already, too.

  4. What a nice post to celebrate your daughter. My oldest will be 12 tomorrow and I can’t believe how the time flies. Cherish each moment, it is so nice to see how she has grown into a mature young lady. Happy Birthday!!!

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