Busy Week!

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What a week we’ve had!  Spring is definitely here with its busy schedule and tons of fun.  We had sports every night this week, except for Friday, often with multiple practices or games in one day.  Plus we had a play date one day and spent a day at a local farm too.  Today, before Rob left for work I snuck away for an hour nap.  Our full schedule and too many late nights at the fields finally caught up to me- though I’ll probably regret it and be up all night as a result of that little nap.


Miriam At Bat


I need to take back what I said about 9-10 Softball.  Miriam had a game this week that was action packed!  I found myself screaming and cheering as much as any person at a professional sporting event would!  It was an awesome game.  Miriam hit a ball all the way into outfield and got a triple!  She also played catcher for the first time.  Later in the week her team got to practice with a local high schools varsity softball team.


Catcher Miriam


I only took my camera to Miriam’s game this week, since rain threatened most nights.  Rebekah played two weeknight games, winning both times!  Michael, Peyton and Emily kept busy at the games playing football, blowing bubbles, playing at the playground and eating snacks.


Keeping Busy While Sisters Play Softball

Apparently the busy week caught up to Emily as well- she just woke up from a 2.5 hour nap.  Usually I’m lucky if she sleeps a full hour at naptime!

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