A Father’s Day Tribute

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From childhood, I always knew I had one of the best Dads in the world.

My Dad invested his time in his family and his daughters. His choices were made, not based on what would bring him the most happiness, but what would be best for his family.

He was always available to talk- even if he never could figure out the crazy emotions of teen girls. He took us to the mall- even though he wasn’t interested in shopping- because it meant spending time with us. Kids… they spell love T.I.M.E. He knew that, and he made sure we always felt his love, not just heard it.

He taught the importance of absolute Biblical truth being the rudder by which I steered my life. But, he also taught what grace looked like. I always knew it didn’t matter what I did wrong, he would be there to help me through it, and his love would never fail. Love- neither his nor the Father’s- was not earned, only freely given and something I could never lose.

Then, when life crumbled around us he was immediately there – for me and my children. From driving trailer after trailer of stuff this way and that, to wrapping his arms around us as we cried, to listening to our sadness and fear, and explaining answers to impossible questions.

Life has not always been easy for him, either. And in that, he shows my children what standing strong looks like. What it means to make right choices. How love for people can and should be unconditional. What life looks like when God and family are top priorities. That true joy and happiness aren’t things to chase, but things you choose.

Father's Day

My children find in my Dad a loving grandfather. Always willing to be slowed down by their helping hands. Quick to listen. Patient. Kind. Fun. Selfless.Adventure with MacMac

And I find a man, still my Daddy even though I’m grown. Stepping back in as protector and provider- and taking my 6 kids in under that strong wing too. Fixing anything I break. Talking me through tasks I’m determined to do on my own, but then find myself in over my head. Praying for me. Loving on me. Reminding me that God doesn’t cause heartache, but He surely does walk right beside me through it.

…but showing steadfast love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Exodus 20:6

I’m learning that God uses those generations before ours to be the hands of that steadfast love.

Happy Father’s Day to the very best Daddy (and MacMac) ever. Thank you for always always being the hands of love. Thank you for standing in the gap.


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