Lowes Build and Grow Craziness

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Almost every time I take my kids out I hear, “You have your hands full!!!”  By the end of a day out, I’m ready to smack the next person making such a comment.

Today, not one person commented on our family size.  Not one “You have your hands full!” even though today it was a very true statement.  I might have cried instead of my normal strained smile if I’d heard the comment today.

Whew!  It was craziness thanks (as usual) to our toddler monster.


Lowes Build and Grow


This was our first Build and Grow with a mobile Emily.  I thought she’d be happy to have her own kit and her own hammer since she wants to be a big kid so badly.  I imagined buying myself time to help the other children by giving her a hammer and piece of wood.  Nope, she was very angry at us for no apparent reason and screamed for the majority of our building session.  If we even looked at her she’d scream louder, and any suggestion of using her hammer or stickers brought out the full-fledged toddler monster fits.  Fun times…

It’s a shame that Emily made the outing so stressful since the other kids did so well.  It is amazing the difference a few months makes in their abilities.  Miriam and Rebekah completed their kits with very little help from me.  Michael was strong enough to complete all his hammering without help and was able to follow along as I talked him through the steps.  Peyton was content to hammer each nail for the five minutes it takes her to pound each one in.  It was all I could do not to take over and rush her through so we could get the screaming toddler back in the car.


Lowes Build and Grow



Our new Lowes doesn’t seem to have the kind and helpful employees the old Lowes had.  At the old Lowes there were tables ready for building with hammers waiting for the children, and often several extra employees helping children build projects.  Today there were no tables, only floor space and no employees nearby to ask questions or help.  Between the lack of organization and helpfulness at this Lowes and having many friends who attend the clinic at our old Lowes I think it might be worth the 25 minute drive to attend the clinic at the old Lowes next time!



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    1. NOPE! No photos of the snot covered demon =) I’m sure turning the camera her direction would have brought on even more fits!

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