The Biggest Little is 7

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I’m not sure how children grow up overnight… but it’s got to stop!Peyton is 7!

It seems like just yesterday Peyton was this tiny 4-year-old, and suddenly she’s 7! 2016-03-14_0022

This girl, she’s sunshine mixed with a healthy dose of mischief. My biggest little. Always mothering…often a little too enthusiastically. She rarely leaves the house without a basket full of baby dolls, and often even more babies stuffed in bags and tucked under her arms. Her imagination is limitless, especially when playing Mommy or Kittens.

Playing 'Olden Day' and building a pretend fire... with a baby tucked under her arm of course!
Playing ‘Olden Day’ and building a pretend fire… with a baby tucked under her arm of course!

I’m nearly two weeks late with her birthday post- this time because of the sheer force of a busy life rather than  transition emotions getting in the way. Peyton’s birthday felt normal. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to say the word normal.  Peyton's birthday

This girl, she’s worth more than gold. And her birthday was perfection, especially since it started with birthday donuts!Birthday Donuts

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  1. Happy Birthday to Peyton! It looks like Peyton was excited for her cute doll gift! Yes, time goes by too quickly when they are growing up. One of my grandsons turned 11 yesterday. We are going to have to quit referring to him as one of the ‘babies’ in the family!

  2. Peyton is gorgeous but so is her Mama!!!! The years speed by. Our oldest granddaughter was 4 and now she is turning 13 going on 21. It’s hard to believe…

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