Our Charlottesville Vacation Recap- (1st half)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I braved my first vacation as a single mom earlier this month.

I am no stranger to adventure alone with my crew- but this was pretty big and I was definitely nervous. But, since the vacation was long ago paid for, and the kids’ countdown of excitement began in January, I pushed ahead. I’m so glad I did!2015-07-19_0026

We pulled out of the driveway, excited for our adventure. Stopping along the way for lunch and groceries at Sam’s Club and again at Food Lion for more groceries. Buy the time we arrived at the resort our ‘bus’ was loaded down!

Arriving at the resort we found our cabin down a long walk with lots of stairs. Thank goodness for several older children willing to help unload the very full van. Except, one of the little ones, instructed to hang out in the cabin as the Bigs and I trudged back and forth, stepped outside for a better view- shutting the cabin door behind her. My car keys, wallet, phone, and room key all locked inside. Did I mention our cabin was a good half mile from the lodge where I got the keys??
I admit, I lost it a little when I realized the long hot walk we were all about to take. Poor baby, she felt horrible, after my tirade. My ‘no big deal’ attitude dissolving into frustration and a bit of panic.

Nothing makes me more upset at myself than doing that- losing my temper when grace is the right response. Especially times like this when it was completely an innocent accident.Charlottesville Vacation iphone

So, we had a sweaty speed walk to the lodge, where a new key was easily obtained. New key in hand, my panic and nerves retreated and I found my grace and good attitude again. On the way home we observed our beautiful surroundings, realizing that we were very lucky the toddler didn’t get locked inside alone, and that at least all the cold groceries all made it into the fridge before the incident.

Farm time at Charlottesville

Even with that drama and a day of travel and shopping we managed to get to the pool for a two-hour ‘no bedtime’ on vacation swim. Plus, finding the resort’s barn and baby animals on the way back to our cabin. Baby goats trying to nibble pool towels, while Mama and baby peacocks, chicks, and ducks tried to avoid the excessive attention of my crew. Charlottesville Vacation iphone

And, as little ones are so wonderfully apt to do, Mommy’s tirade was easily forgiven and forgotten by the time I tucked them into bed that first night.

The next morning we woke to rain-soaked bathing suits and towels on our porch… whoops. And the forecast showed more rain most of the day. Thankfully, I’d researched the area (no surprise there, right?) and had several ideas. Charlottesville Discovery Children's MuseumWe packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and set off for a nearby children’s museum which honors our NC museum passes. Charlottesville Discovery Children's Museum

The museum was small, but incredible! The day cleared up so we spent the early afternoon walking through Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown shopping mall, where the museum is located. Charlottesville Discovery Children's Museum
Charlottesville Vacation iphoneBy the time we drove away the children were loudly wishing for more rainy days during our vacation. In the theme of packing as much adventure into the day as possible, we stopped for ‘Kids Eat Free’ night at Firehouse subs, picked up a few pair of goggles from Target (where Rebekah lost a tooth), and squeezed in another two-hour nighttime swim!Charlottesville Vacation iphoneIt felt good to tuck the crew in late that night hearing, “Mommy, this was the best day ever!”

Now this post is getting long! Read about the second half here.

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