Peyton’s Big Day Recap

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4 Years Old


Are you tired of birthday posts yet?  I promise this is that last one until the end of May!  No falling into the doldrums after Christmas at our house.  We’ve had 5 birthday cakes here since Valentine’s Day plus we got to attend many friend and cousin parties too!


 Butterfly Cake


Little kid birthdays are the best.  Peyton woke up excited, ready for her day.  Michael said, “Happy Birthday Peyton.  I can tell you grew a lot!  Look how tall you are today!”

She sat down to eat her birthday doughnuts and declared that she grew so much last night that she doesn’t need her booster seat anymore.


 Discovery Place Fun


This was the second birthday in a row that fell on Rob’s day off.  My motivation for starting the tradition of going to a favorite location on birthdays was to keep the kids happy and busy until dinner time when Daddy could celebrate with us.  Boy, have these recent trips reminded me how nice it is to have two parents available for adventures!



At present time Emily began saying, “Me bir-day? Me bir-day” while trying to take presents from Peyton’s stack.  When she realized that she wouldn’t be opening any presents she was very upset- until Peyton let her try on her new Lloyd Ninjago jacket.  Peyton’s favorite present was a bag of shoes and clothes for her Bitty Twin.  She kissed each skirt and shoe she pulled from the bag.

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