And Just Like That My Baby is Two

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Yes, it’s now more than a week past Jonathan’s second birthday. Days before his birthday I sat down to write my typical birthday post, talking about my sweet boy and how I love having him in my life. All the things I want to remember before the passing of time fades who he is right now in my memory.

Each time I tried to write, I just couldn’t get my thoughts out of my head and onto the screen. Jonathan’s birthday is wrapped up in so many emotions for me, plus it ushers in Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. I feel at one moment joy, another sadness, and often the numbness that I’m sure is necessary for coping with it all.

Tonight I’m committed to getting something about his birthday on this screen. Forgive me if it ends up a jumbled mess!Just like that my baby is 2!

Just look at Jonathan. A constant bundle of energy. Life as his Momma is full-out. He knew I wanted his picture, and his response was to run, giggling away from me. Playing peek-a-boo was the only possible way to get a photo with him looking my way.Just like that my baby is 2!

I could write a paragraph about time flying and no more blinking and all that. But, wow… these last two years defy the usual musings about the swift passage of time. His birth feels at once just yesterday and a million years ago.

I hope one birthday, not too far away, I’ll be able to celebrate without reliving all the bad that so quickly followed his birth. Just like that my baby is 2!

Two years with this beautiful boy- my little bulldozer. That’s something worth celebrating!

Two years. Nearly two years ago, it felt like the world was ending and here I stand- here we stand.

Just like that my baby is 2!

The job of mothering him (and the rest of my crew) keeps me in the present. I don’t have time to feel sorry for us, or dwell on ‘should a done’ or the ‘could a been’. Instead I’m busy mothering, loving, working, making a future for him…them…and for me! Just like that my baby is 2!

I’m supposed to be talking about his birthday, right!? Actually we celebrated twice, first with cake and a present at Grandma’s house a few days early. Then being the 6th baby, and too young to care, he blew out candles on leftover cake on his real day.Jon is Two

As far as birthday’s go, two is usually the hardest birthday for me as Momma. Until he turns two, I can tell myself he’s a baby. But two solidly leaves the baby years behind and moves full steam ahead into toddler. I braced myself for this birthday. For my last baby turning two to rock my world.

Surprisingly, I found Jonathan’s 2nd birthday easy… exciting even.

Partially because of all we’ve been through, it’s easier to look forward with him. I wouldn’t go back to those early days for the world. I could feel cheated of the last two babyhood years. But my village and my family came alongside us in a way that allowed me not to miss it. Maybe I held on to him even tighter because of it. Knowing from two months old that he would certainly be my last baby.Just like that my baby is 2!

Two years old.

I’m ready, he’s ready.

I’m not wishing away the next little bit, because two happens to be my favorite. Its going to be a good year for my boy. And I plan to enjoy every minute of it!
Just like that my baby is 2!

Finally those things I want to remember-

His love of tract-tows (aka tractors). How he blew out his candles on the first try before we even finished singing. The sound he makes when he wants to nurse. And how he says more when he wants the other side. The feeling of him on my hip as I cook dinner. How he runs and yells no toes, no toes (aka no clothes!) if he manages to get away while I’m dressing him. His mine mine chirp that sounds just like the seagulls on Nemo. The way he bounces on his toes to show he wants to be held. The way he gives kisses.Just like that my baby is 2!

Welcome to TWO baby boy.

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  1. They do grow up fast. My baby will be 16 in March. You have to savor every moment with them even the tough ones. Before long they are out in the world and all you have are memories.

  2. Oh, how I love this so much. Your little guy is to adorable. I don’t know all of your story. I need to read back.
    My oldest has a birthday coming up and I am not looking forward to writing that post. He’s going to be 11. ELEVEN. How did that happen!?

  3. One of the things I love about blogging is how I can come to know and care for people I have never met. Following you this last year, I have loved seeing the pictures of your family and reading your story. He is such a cutie and I love his peek a boo from behind the tree and the B&W at the bottom. You are both moving forward… beautifully.

  4. Your son is adorable and I love his eyelashes! You’re such a good mama and I can see the love between the two of you just from these photos. Enjoy your babies!!

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