4 Hacks for Better for You Snacks

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Its the New Year, and like many others I’m thinking about goals for better eating. My biggest problem with meeting my goal is snacking. I often get so busy during the day, that I forget to stop and eat. Next thing I know, I’m starving and reaching for a sugary snack. You’ll find me hiding in the panty grabbing the opened bag of cookies, or handful of leftover Christmas candy. It’s not that I don’t like better options, it’s just that I don’t want to take the time to think of and prepare a better snack.

I’ve found 4 snacking hacks that are keeping my sugary snack habit under control this New Year. These easy hacks can help YOU, as a busy mom, keep those better eating goals too!4 hacks for better for you snacks

4 Hacks for Better for You Snacks

  • Plan Ahead- A little planning makes a big difference! Just knowing what good for you snacks are available combats grabbing those cookies. Make a list of snack options, whether you just think of them, or (like me) need a list on the pantry door. Add those snack options to the grocery list while you are at it!
  • Choose Protein- When choosing a snack, remember that protein gives energy and keeps you feeling full. Eat a high protein snack, and you won’t be returning to the pantry half an hour later for that chocolate candy.
  • Drink It- Smoothies are a great for better for you snacking! It’s easy to add protein to a smoothie with yogurt and Jif™ Peanut Powder. Jif™ Peanut Powder is the perfect addition to smoothies since it has no added salt or sugar, plus it’s made from just one ingredient – fresh roasted peanuts.Peanut Butter Power Bites
  • Easy Access- If half the battle of better for you snacking is planning, the other half is preparing the snack. If the sugary snacks are easier, then that’s what I’m going to grab. There are so many simple ways to make sure my better snacks are easy. Rather than hiding fruit and veggies away in the crisper drawer, place them in a prominent spot. Washing and putting them in a bowl on the counter is even better! Hide the sugary snacks in the crisper drawer or the back of the pantry. Make the day’s snack ahead of time, so it will be ready when the munchies come. I like to make Peanut Power Bites while I’m fixing breakfast for the kids, especially since the no-cook bites only require 4 ingredients. When I need a boost, the Peanut Power Bites are way better than grabbing a caffeinated drink or cookie!

Peanut Power BitesPeanut Power Bites- no cook, just 4 ingredients, protein snack

Ingredients:Peanut Butter Power Bites

  • oatmeal
  • honey
  • Jif™ Peanut Powder
  • mini chocolate chips


In a large bowl mix 1.5 cups of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of honey, and 1/4 cup of Jif™ Peanut Powder.Peanut Butter Power Bites

Stir in 1/4 cup mini chocolate chips.Peanut Butter Power Bites

Scoop the dough onto a cookie sheets using a teaspoon or small cookie scoop. Freeze the Peanut Butter Power Bites for an hour or until firm. Peanut Butter Power Bites
Remove from the cookie sheet and place in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

I love the little scooped bites to help with portion control, otherwise I might eat the whole bowl in one sitting. However, if you trust yourself with portion control, just put the bowl of Peanut Power Bite dough in the refrigerator without making bite size portions. Grabbing that bowl from the refrigerator and a spoon from the drawer feels like a guilty treat, when really it’s a little bite of energy!Peanut Butter Power Bites

If you really love chocolate, switch the Jif™ Peanut Powder to Jif™ Chocolate Peanut Powder. Extra yum!Peanut Butter Power Bites I like to have both flavors on hand for the Peanut Power Bites and other quick snacks. Sprinkle the powder on cut fruit, in smoothies, or in yogurt for a delicious taste and extra protein. In fact, Jif™ Peanut Powder has the same amount of protein as traditional peanut butter, yet contains 85% less fat.

Get a coupon for Jif™ Peanut Powder and check out more delicious recipes using the powder here.Jif Peanut Powder at Walmart

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  1. I love how easy these power bites are. I have never heard of the peanut butter powder and I will have to go and look for it. For me, it is so easy to grab an unhealthy snack versus taking the time to make a healthy one. This recipe is easy and quick and I can grab one or two and go!

  2. I was just needing a snack and first grabbed a big glass of water. Hope it will keep me settled. I just used Jif Powder too in a post today, in brownies, yummy.

  3. Yum! These look like the perfect snack to make and take to work. I love cooking and baking with Jif Peanut Powder because of the added flavor and protein. I will try these great snacks soon!

  4. Planing ahead is a big one for me. That way I have snacks ready and don’t have to reach for something unhealthy. Protein and fiber are also great to keep you feeling full!

  5. Those are all great “hacks” and something I will keep in mind when snacking! These Peanut Power Bites look quite tasty so I’m looking forward to making them. Thanks for the Jif Peanut Powder coupon! I can’t wait to try it!

  6. Those power bites sound delicious, and so easy! These are great hacks, especially plan ahead. My problem is that I usually don’t plan ahead, so I grab the nearest chocolate bar because it’s easiest. But my goal this year is to do better!

  7. Great tips on how to set yourself up for snacking success! These look delicious! I definitely would opt for the smaller portions pre-made, but more because I tend to grab a snack and head out the door. {client}

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