How to Weatherproof your Tent

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When it comes to great family activities for making lifelong memories camping lands at the top of the list.

We want our children’s memories of camping to be their favorite memories not memories of soaking wet tents in a rainstorm or experiencing extreme temperatures.

To help fight uncomfortable weather conditions you can do a few things to weatherproof your tent to stay comfortable in any season.

Stay cool in the heat, warm in the cold, dry in the rain while camping with these great tips for weatherproofing your tent.

Waterproofing spray – A great place to start with weatherproofing your tent is to use a waterproofing spray on it if it is not already water-resistant. While this won’t eliminate water issues selling your tent off from water can certainly reduce the water that gets in and keep your family comfortable.

Tarps – Tarps are your friends for weather proofing your tent. Tarps can be used to replace a lost rainfly, keep mud off the bottom of your tent, prevent flooding and even build on extra shelter for hiding from the elements while enjoying your trip.

To make the most advantages of tarps, place your tent on top of a tarp to keep the moisture and cold from transferring into the tent too easily.

Place a tarp inside your tent with an overhang going up the sides. This will create a lip that will prevent flooding from getting inside your tent when it rains. You want this to go up several inches along the inside of your tent if possible.

If you do not have a rain fly for over your tent you can make your own by adding a tarp over top and securing it with rope to your tent for a quick and easy way to help keep your tent dry and block the wind, should it become heavy.

Create a protected entryway – Use a tarp to build a cover or a pop-up gazebo at the front of your tent door. If you have more than one tent for your trip you can line the doors up to this for a passageway between tents. In this area place down an outdoor rug or some dollar store welcome mats in front of the tents. This gives you a place to remove wet shoes or at least wipe them off to not track mud into your tent.

Block the sun and heat – Summertime camping can get stifling hot even if you try to plan your camping trips during cooler points in the season hot afternoons and sun can leave tents hot and stuffy. During the day keep your tent closed opening it during the cooler nights. This will prevent the heat from entering the tent and trap cooler night air.

Placing your tent in the shade is a great way to help keep it cool in the hot summer. If you have any sun on your tent you can benefit from attaching a mylar emergency blanket over your tent to help keep the summer heat out.

Stop cold from radiating into your tent – If you are camping in the cooler months not only do you need to worry about keeping your tent dry you will want to keep the cold from radiating into your tent. A great way to do this is to place straw under your tarp you place your tent on top of to help keep the cold out. Another handy option is to place flattened cardboard boxes inside your tent to act as insulation on the bottom.

If you are camping in the colder months, be sure to learn how to stay warm while sleeping in a tent with this informative post.

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