Top 10 Tips for Successful Camping with Kids

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If you are an adventurous parent, you know that having kids need not prevent you from venturing into the woods for a family camping experience. If you camped before kids, you’ll find that things are quite different when you bring kids along.. 

The challenge is pulling off a camping trip that will allow both the parents AND the kids to have a great time. How can you make camping easy and fun when camping with kids?

Here are my top 10 tips for successful camping with kids:

Involve the kids in the planning

Ask your kids where they would like to go and see, then try to incorporate those wishes and interests into your trip. By including your kids opinions, you are naturally cultivating their interest and anticipation. Being involved int eh planning will give help build the excitement and anticipation for your trip.

The weather matters

Next consider the weather. While you can’t always plan around rain or extreme temperatures, but sure to pack according to the forecast!

Camping gear matters too

It might be time to invest in a bigger tent when you bring the whole family camping! Don’t forget plenty of bedding, lanterns, and flashlights.

Food and snacks are everything

Packing great food and snacks is one way to be sure everyone has a terrific time camping! Bring everyone’s favorites, but this is also a great time to try something new. Don’t forget the s’mores either!

Relax your rules a bit

Embrace the change in location and routine. You are out in the wild, under a tent. Relax the house rules and let the kids stretch the rules- sugary breakfast foods, staying up late, going to bed dirty…  Encourage them to have fun and try new things with each other and with other kids in the camping grounds. 

Keep them safe from bugs and the sun

Bring a bug repellent and keep the kids safe from bugs that are sure to find you while camping. No matter what season be sure to carry some sunscreen for you and the kids as well. You might be spending a lot more time than normal outside while camping and you could be surprised by how much sun your family gets!

Bring toys along

Be sure to take outdoor toys and games for your children. Many campgrounds are great for bike riding, kite flying, frisbee, balls etc. Also bring indoor games incase the weather keeps you in the tent. We always pack a deck of cards and a few other travel friendly games.

Give everyone a job (or a few!)

Give the kids their own jobs and responsibilities while camping. Let them help in cooking, pitch the tent, hang the clothesline, or collecting firewood. This will keep them interested and excited.

Join in the fun

Jump in the fun. Kids love it when Mom and Dad take the time to play too! Why not try a family scavenger hunt?

Make the campfire fun

S’mores are a non-negotiable campfire activity. But, also take turns leading campfire songs, telling stories, or even making up jokes.


Camping with kids is different than camping before having children but you can have an awesome and successful camping trip with these 10 tips!


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