Valentine’s Day Lunch Party

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The children and I started a new tradition for Valentine’s Day this year with a fun Valentine’s Day lunch party. Our old way of celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t fit anymore. We wanted something fresh and new.

My daughters especially got into planning our lunch party. I wanted to be sure everything we chose and did for the party would allow them to take charge. Valentine's Day Lunch Party

We started with decor, chosing a simple white and pink theme after finding a fun length of feather garland in the clearance section at the store. Next we picked up ready-made glitter hearts in several sizes and a pink sequin table runner. The girls tied the feather garland up and used glue dots to stick several of the glitter hearts to the wall.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

Next we grabbed the glue gun to dress up toothpicks and skewers with smaller glitter hearts.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

Then came the food planning for our Valentine’s Day lunch party. We choose a simple lunch menu the girls could prepare themselves, starting with peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut into heart shapes.Valentine's Day Lunch PartyNext the girls made fruit kabobs with light pink fruit fluff dip. They cut watermelon slices into hearts and alternated the heart watermelon pieces and grapes on heart skewers.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

The fruit fluff dip is a really simple two ingredient dip the girls made themselves. Here’s how they made it:

Pink Fruit FluffValentine's Day Lunch Party

Ingredients:Valentine's Day Lunch Party Fruit Fluff Dip

  • 8oz container whipped topping
  • 2 cups strawberry yogurt


Whip strawberry yogurt into whipped topping.Valentine's Day Lunch Party Fruit Fluff Dip

Decorate the tops of 4 oz mason jars with 2 inch circles cut from scrapbook paper (adhere circle with a glue dot).Valentine's Day Lunch Party Fruit Fluff DipFill the jars with the fruit fluff.Valentine's Day Lunch Party Fruit Fluff Dip

For dessert, the girls dipped strawberry marshmallows in white chocolate, and coated with edible pink sugar and glitter. The toothpicks with hearts hot glued to the top were the perfect addition to the marshmallows.Valentine's Day Lunch Party
They also dipped strawberries into chocolate and drizzled with pink tinted white chocolate.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

Because Valentine’s Day requires lots of sweet things to eat, the girls rounded off the Valentine’s Day lunch with store bought sugar cookies and cupcakes.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

Pink lemonade made a delicious and pink beverage. The girls decorated mason jars with pieces of lace and flowers and filled the jars with strawberry lemonade.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

The party lunch was so much fun to put together, and even more fun to attend. It did my heart good to see the children’s excitement over the day, old traditions forgotten and no sad moments at all!Valentine's Day Lunch Party

My favorite part of the lunch included telling one thing we love about each person in the room. Such a sweet time of delicious food and loving encouragement.Valentine's Day Lunch Party

I’m so excited about the success of this new Valentine’s Day tradition! I’m glad we chose to keep the lunch party simple and easy so all the kids could take ownership and enjoy creating it!Valentine's Day Lunch PartyHow does your family celebrate Valentine’s Day? I’d love to add more fun traditions to the month of February!

Valentine's Day Lunch Party

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  1. I love this set up and the delicious treats you put together! Especially those fruit kabobs, which would be perfect for a brunch date when my college friends visit from out of town next weekend! Awesome Valentine’s Day inspiration!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so precious! I love that your girls did a lot of it! Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekend this year, that would be really fun to do in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday and then have a little movie party with it. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. What a beautiful Valentine’s Day party! It is so wonderful to celebrate occasions with kids and let them help in planning because they are making lifelong memories. Everything looks darling but I really like how you glued the hearts onto the toothpicks! Simple but big impact. 🙂 Also, the cake stand is soo pretty.

  4. What a great idea, I might have to try to do this for my friends. I love all the treats and I would come up with party favors too.

  5. What a great new tradition! I love the heart-shaped sandwiches and the yogurt fluff! My daughter would love the dipped marshmallows. But mostly I love that the kids go around telling each other how they love each other.

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