10 Indoor Creative Play Ideas for Kids

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My favoite way to keep kids busy at home, is to supply them with plenty of ideas for fun activities they can enjoy while keeping themselves busy.

While everyone is practicing self-distancing and quarantining themselves for the next few weeks, this doesn’t mean that your kids can’t still be creative!

If you are looking for some creative ideas for your kids to do inside, these ideas will work perfectly! Here are ten ideas for inside creative play for kids.

Create a Fairy Garden

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean fairies have to be! Grab a few supplies and make your own fairy garden inside!

Make Your Own Sensory Bin

There are so many great sensory bin activities out there for fun and creative play! You can use action figures and props to create a fun sensory bin for your kids to play in.

Make Creations with Play Dough

Play dough is a great way to be creative! You can make your own homemade play dough that your kids can use to play and sculpt to their heart’s content.

Create a Themed Dramatic Play Setup

You don’t need a lot of supplies to create a fun, dramatic play for your kids! You can use construction paper and some cardboard to create a space station or even a dollhouse for your kids.

Use Paper Bags and Boxes for Creative Play

Instead of letting old paper bags for school lunches and shipping boxes go to waste, let your kids use them for creative play! They can build their own cities, make their own props, and find unique ways to put them to use!

Make Props for Pretend Play

There are so many fun props you can use for pretend play such as fairy wands and wings that can make pretend play way more fun!

Create a Pet Rock

Rocks are abundant, and I’m willing to bet if you go into your child’s room, you’ll find at least one. Let your kids make and design their own pet rock to play with!

Make Your Own Creative Play Costumes

Use leftover fabric, clothes, and more to make your own creative play costumes for your kids! You can even use old Halloween costumes and accessories to make creative play costumes for your kids.

Let Your Kids Put on a Play

If you want an excellent way for your kids to be creative, let them put on a play! They can dress up in costumes, act out different characters, and even write their own script! You can have your kids even put on a performance for the rest of the family too.

Make a DIY Small World

Small world setups are really easy to make! You can find a thousand different theme ideas online that will make for great pretend play for your kids! Look around your home and see what you have and see what kind of unique small world you can make for your kids.

If you are looking for some creative activities for your kids, hopefully, one of these ideas will do the trick! These ideas are great for any time you need a fun indoor activity for your kids.

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