Magical Mermaid Party Ideas

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Whether your daughter wants a mermaid theme party, or you want to have a Little Mermaid party to watch the new movie, these awesome Mermaid Party Ideas will ensure you have the best ever Mermaid Party!

A Mermaid birthday party is so much fun to plan and enjoy! Keep reading for awesome MERMAID party ideas! You’ll find all the best mermaid theme party ideas here!

Keep reading for great ideas that will help help you throw the ultimate mermaid party (or Little Mermaid Party, if you prefer)!

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How to throw Mermaid Party

  1. Pack your mermaid party color scheme. If you are planning a Little Mermaid party theme be sure to choose green and purple as your party colors. You could also make the color scheme more generic mermaid by choosing to use mostly blues and aquas with a few pops of pink and purple. Don’t forget to choose some party decorations with glitter and sequins for a super fancy mermaid party for your daughter.
  2. Purchase, print, or make your party invitations. Avoid the mail by having your child create a party invitation, taking a photo of it, then sending the invite via text message or email.
  3. Decorate for the mermaid party using your chosen color scheme and fun party supplies.
  4. Prepare and serve mermaid themed party treats and cupcakes or cake.
  5. Choose fun mermaid themed party drinks. You can simply buy or print water bottle labels, or create a fun punch.
  6. Plan mermaid themed games and activities for the party.
  7. Buy or make mermaid themed party favors for the children to take home.

How to make a Mermaid Party Fun

Mermaid Food Ideas for a Mermaid Party

Serving mermaid themed party treats is a great way to make your party festive while also adding additional mermaid decor to your party table at the same time!

Make these adorable Mermaid sugar cookies.

These homemade Mermaid lollipops are sure to wow your guest (and they make great party favors too!)

These mini mermaid cakes are the perfect choice for individual serving size mermaid birthday cake.

All kids love Rice Krispie treats, so you can’t go wrong with these Under the Sea Mermaid Rice Krispies, complete with a pearl treasure.

These light and airy Mermaid Meringue Cookies are super easy to make.

For even more Mermaid food party ideas check out this big list of Mermaid party treats.

Magnificent Mermaid Party Supplies

Making your mermaid party festive is easy with underwater and mermaid themed party supplies and decor. 

Think about how you will set up your party area, then make a list of party supplies you need to buy.

Memorable Mermaid Party Crafts

Crafts are a great way to allow kids to have fun and make a memory to take home from the party. These fun Mermaid party crafts are sure to make all your little mermaids happy!

Paper crafts are easy party crafts! Simply print out copies of the templates, grab a stack of construction paper and place the craft supplies on a table with scissors, glue, and markers. Kids will love creating their own Mermaid party craft.

Kids can make a mermaid that looks like themselves, or create the mermaid of their dreams with this fun mixed media mermaid craft. Print out the free template and gather some yard, colored papers, glitter papers and accessories like sequins or beads to make this fancy mermaid.

Kids can also enjoy making these mermaid tail bookmarks to take home after the party.

Find even more mermaid party crafts ideas in this big list of mermaid crafts.

Mermaid Party Favors

Send party guests home with a fun Mermaid party favors.
Choose a cute mermaid party bag and fill it with treats, games, and a mermaid necklace.

Or, give each girl a mermaid tale blanket to take home.

These mermaid party activities, supplies, and treats will be a great way to make a mermaid party even more awesome!

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