Mermaid Cookies

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These fun under the sea cookies are the perfect sweet treat for the little mermaids in your life.

Mermaid cookies are always a hit in the summertime- and best of all they are very easy to make!

Whether you are having a pool party, under the sea party, or mermaid party you are sure to want to add these fun mermaid cookies to the party menu.

You can change the colors of the fondant you use to match your party colors.

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How to make Mermaid Cookies for your Mermaid Birthday Party.


  • Your favorite recipe for sugar cookies
  • softened butter
  • confectioners sugar
  • milk
  • Blue gel food coloring
  • fondant in the colors you chose- we used pink, purple and green

You’ll also need a sea shell fondant mold.


Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to make and bake 2-inch circular sugar cookies.

I have to admit that I almost always use the ready-made, refrigerated roll of dough from the grocery store.

While the cookies are cooling, make the butter cream icing.
Once the ingredients are well combined add blue gel food coloring until the icing becomes the color you’d like.

Frost each cookie with the blue icing.

Next, you’ll make the mermaid scales by rolling out the purple and green fondants. Use a standard frosting tip to cut out 40 or so circles from each color of fondant.

Create two rows of mermaid scales on each cookie. You’ll overlap each scale over the next one as shown below.

Using your fondant mold, create seashells with your pink fondant. Place one seashell on each mermaid cookie.

Serve and enjoy!

Yield: 1 dozen

Mermaid Cookies

Mermaid Cookies

Fun and easy mermaid tail cookies, perfect for a mermaid or under the sea party.


  • Your favorite recipe for sugar cookies (enough to make one dozen cookies, about 2 inches in diameter)
  • ¼ cup softened butter
  • 1 cup icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbsp milk
  • Blue gel food coloring
  • 2 oz. pink fondant
  • 2-3 oz. purple fondant
  • 2-3 oz. green fondant


    Prepare cookie dough according to directions.

    Roll out cookie dough on a floured surface. Use a 2-inch circular cookie cutters and cut out 12 cookies.

    Place on a cookie sheet, one that’s lined with parchment paper.

    Bake according to recipe’s directions and allow to cool.

    Prepare buttercream frosting by mixing together butter, icing sugar and milk.

    Once ingredients are well-combined, smooth, and form semi-stiff peaks, add blue gel food coloring. Mix well until tinted.

    Frost each cookie with an offset spatula.

    On a clean surface, roll out purple fondant and green fondant (separately).

    Using the bottom of a standard frosting tip, cut out 40 to 48 circles from each rolled out fondant.

    Create two rows, overlapping each other, on the bottom of each cookie. Your first row should have 4 circles and the bottom row, 3 circles.

    Using your fondant mold, create seashells with your pink fondant. To achieve a perfect seashell, take a small portion of fondant and press it evenly into your desired shape. Pop out and place 1 on each cookie. Serve and enjoy!

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