Straw-Nana Chip Muffins

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In our house breakfast is usually self-serve, quick and easy.  My big kids often beat me downstairs in the morning and eat their breakfast before I even get my coffee.  Since I rarely buy cold cereals, pop tarts or frozen breakfast foods our self-serve breakfast is often some type of muffin.  Easy Straw-Nana Muffins

These Straw-Nana Chip muffins are the favorite muffin of all my children and even my husband enjoys them.  They keep for quite awhile, and freeze well if I have a large bunch of bananas turn brown at the same time.  I usually choose to use a mix of half whole wheat and half white flour to make the muffins healthier.  Also, if your brand yogurt has a lot of added sugar experiment with cutting the sugar back to 3/4 a cup.  Another fun change is using a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter chips and using vanilla yogurt instead of strawberry.Straw-Nana Muffin Recipe

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