Dairy Free Bread Recipes

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After spending many years dairy free, thanks to a milk intolerant breast fed baby, I learned that finding a good dairy free bread can be challenging. Before becoming dairy free I enjoyed baking bread for my family, but all my favorite recipes contained dairy products. So, during those dairy free years I spent a lot of time experimenting with and perfecting dairy free bread recipes.

Even though I’m no longer dairy free, I still bake all of these diary free breads for my family because they are delicious!

Is bread dairy free?

While there are breads that are dairy free, I find that most typical store bought and homemade breads contain dairy products such as milk and butter. However, the good news is that dairy free breads do exist.

What breads are dairy free?

Typically you can’t just assume that certain types of bread are dairy free, since so many breads do contain milk. To find out which breads are dairy free you’ll need to read each one’s ingredient list or recipe.

All the recipes I’m sharing with you in this post are dairy free bread recipes, so if you are looking to bake your own dairy free bread you’ve come to the right place!

When I was completely dairy free, I did have some luck finding dairy free bread at the grocery store. I just never found a dairy free bread that I really enjoyed. Worse, the dairy free breads were often out of stock and I spent way too much time reading labels. I learned quickly that baking my own homemade dairy free bread really wasn’t hard- and it tasted much better too!

If you want to buy your dairy free bread at the grocery store, I recommend this list of dairy free breads from Go Dairy Free (but of course always read the label yourself!)

Can you make bread without milk?

The great news is that you can bake a large variety of breads without milk . The recipes below are all of my favorite, go to dairy free bread recipes.

Is yeast dairy free?

Yes, yeast is dairy free. But, always read the label for yourself, especially if you are allergic to dairy, to be certain!

Diary Free Bread Recipes

When it comes to dairy free bread recipes, I definitely have a favorite. This is the best dairy free bread recipe ever, in my opinion. If you are looking for a delicious, traditional loaf of bread to serve, this is the one. My family eats this bread as soon as it comes out of the oven whenever they can. I love to try to save it for breakfast to be served with jelly or to use as a side with dinner. On the rare occasion I have this bread leftover, it makes incredible french toast!

If you prefer to bake your bread using a bread machine, this dairy free bread recipe for the bread machine is a good choice. It’s is an easy dairy free bread recipe since you just toss the 6 ingredients in the machine and let it do the rest.

Another bread my family loves is my Italian Dairy Free Bread. This recipe is a great choice for serving alongside Italian meals. It’s also my favorite choice for serving to company, due to its pretty round loaf shape. People always comment about how it reminds them of bread served at a popular Italian restaurant.

The best thing about my Italian bread recipe is that you can easily adapt it to your favorite spices and seasonings. I’ve shared another version of it, Rosemary Olive Oil Bread, which is also dairy free.

The Rosemary Olive Oil Bread post will also teach you how to get perfectly round loaves every time.

Restaurant style baguettes are another bread I really missed when I was dairy free. This easy baguette recipe is dairy free and uses your bread maker to mix and rise the dough for a simple dairy free baguette!

These baguettes are perfect for serving alongside a charcuterie board, or for slicing and melting cheese on top for delicious and fancy cheese toast.

Even though these dairy free muffins aren’t a typical bread, I have to mention them here. These chocolate chip muffins were my go to breakfast during my years of avoiding dairy. They are so delicious my children would gobble them up as quickly as I could bake them. I often made a double batch every other day!

Whether you are diary free for allergy or dietary reasons, or maybe you are just out of milk these dairy free bread recipes will be enjoyed by all!

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