50+ Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

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Keeping kids happy and busy at home can be such a challenge! On beautiful days, do you find that your children run out of ideas for things to play in the backyard? If so, this list of 50+ fun backyard activities for kids is for you!

When your kids are stuck at home for several days in a row, it’s always a good idea to have a great list of activities for kids at home ready for the inevitable announcement of “I’m bored!”

With this long list, your children are sure to find several things they’d enjoy doing outside in their own backyard. And one thing I’ve found is, when it comes to spending days on end at home, the best strategy is to spend as much time as possible outside.

When kids can get active outside they’ll sleep better that night, eat better at dinner, and generally be in a more pleasant mood. And I know, at least for this Mama, I’ll also have those same perks!

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Some times all your kids need is a ball or a fun outdoor toy to stay occupied for hours, but other times they might need some suggestions of other activities they can try.

Get those kids outside and active with this list of backyard activities for kids. Give them space to run and play, let them be as loud as they want and get all that excess energy burned up!

I’m especially a fan of the outdoor art activities, since I’ll all for keeping the mess of art out of my house! But, I also love the really active activity ideas in this list, because I know the more active my kids are, the easier bedtime will be!

While your kids are playing outside, if you have a trampoline, these 45 awesome trampoline games are another great way to keep your kids active.

If you are faced with a day too rainy or cold to get outside, try these 27 active indoor activities for kids.

Fun Backyard Activities for Kids

Fun activities kids can enjoy in their own backyard. Get outside, get creative, get active, get imaginative!

Active Activities + Games

Creative and innovative active play will keep kids busy and happy in the backyard for hours. Try these great ideas:

Backyard Scavenger Hunts

I have to include backyard scavenger hunts in their own section. Choose one of these fun scavenger hunts for your kids to enjoy today!

Sensory and Fine Motor Play

Your backyard is a great place to allow children to explore some fun sensory activities- especially the messier ones!

Educational and STEM Activities

Educational activities can also be a lot of fun in the backyard!

Arts and Crafts

There are so many fun arts and crafts activities your kids can enjoy while outside- and the bonus is that it keeps the mess outside with them!
They'll also enjoy fun backyard art activities that use things they can find outside.

Which backyard activity will your kids try first?

Don’t forget to check out my big list of at home activities for kids if you need some ideas for other activities to beat boredom.

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