Practical Ways to Keep Your Sanity on Snow Days

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Practical Ways to Keep Your Sanity on Snow DaysPractical Ways to Keep Your Sanity on Snow Days

Snow days are every child’s dream, but they easily become a nightmare for Mom. The piles of wet laundry, dripping boots, and daunting task of stuffing young children into snow gear multiple times a day can quickly outweigh the fun of a snow day.

A few simple and practical tips can make all the difference in surviving snow days with young children.

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© cliplab.pro / Adobe Stock

Practical Ways to Keep Your Sanity on Snow Days

Create a landing station right inside the door. With a designated spot to deposit snow gear just inside the entryway, you won’t deal with missing gloves or puddles on the floor. Place a large empty storage bin by the door for all coats, hats, gloves, etc to be dropped in as children disrobe. Also place the lid of the bin upside down right by the door for wet boots; the upside down lid will keep all the dripping snow off of your floor. You’ll need to hang up clothes, or place them in the dryer quickly, but the bin buys you time while keeping the snow gear all in one place and not dripping all over your home.

Allow only one entrance and exit point. Why do children insist on going out one door, and coming back in another? On snow days, I lock all but one outside door. The mess and gear must stay in one location for my sanity!

Require a bathroom visit immediately before donning snow gear every single time. It doesn’t matter if your child whines that she just used the bathroom. You know if you give in to that, as soon as all her gear is on, and she’s been outside for 5 minutes, she’ll be back to potty. No bathroom visit, no snow gear!

Pay attention to the time and your children’s normal schedule. If a nap time or meal time is near, put off outside play until after. No need to go through putting on and removing gear for a short time of play before a child gets sleepy or hungry.

Make a tray of easy food children can snack from all day long. Snow play takes a lot of energy, children will be hungry often. Rather than listing the possibilities and making food for children all day long as they get hungry, set out a tray of nonperishable goodies for the day. Fruit, pretzels, and granola bars are great options.

When you can’t take it anymore offer a fun indoor activity. Movie watching under a blanket fort is a perfect snow day activity. Mom can even join in and maybe sneak a quick nap!

Take some time to have fun WITH your kids. Snow days will be things your children remember with fondness. Be in those wonderful memories by joining in at least once during a snow day. You’ll be surprised how a little time intentionally spent outside building a snowman, sledding down the hill, or throwing snowballs will matter. If you really dislike outside snow day activities, baking a batch of cookies together or building marshmallow snowmen are other great ways to create a special snow day memories with your children.

My children love making Snowman Truffles or drinking Melted Snowmen on snowy days.

Snowman TrufflesMelted Snowman

Or, spend time together making a craft such as salt dough snowflakes or snowman magnets.glitter salt dough snowflakesDo you want to build a snowman?

Thankfully snow days don’t last long, at least not here in the south! Enjoy what you can of those snow days, create some memories, and use these tips to keep your sanity through it all!


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