Melted Snowman

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Melted SnowmanMy kids have spent the morning pressed against the windows, checking for any sign of the afternoon snow promised by the weatherman.  I am worried, since it snows little where we live, and the weather man is more often wrong than right when he mentions snow!

After finishing school in record time, we need something to occupy our thoughts as time crawls by.  So, we will pull out our Window Markers, and decorate glass mugs with snowman faces.

Melted snowman

Now we can enjoy some yummy Melted Snowmen!  Melted Snowman

Easy and Yummy!  Even if you don’t have a glass mug and window markers to decorate it, serving “Melted Snowman” in any type of cup is a perfect winter treat.

First decide if you want hot or cold melted snowman…he tastes great either way.

If your choice is hot melted snowman, warm a cup of milk in the microwave.  Otherwise pour cold milk into your mug or glass.
Add a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of vanilla flavoring to your milk.

That’s it!  Yummy, melted snowman!Melted SnowmanNow, come on SNOW!!!!!!

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