5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog in Tip Top Condition

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Dog people know a dog is so much more than a pet, she’s a family member and often a best friend. That is definitely the case for my daughter and her dog, Amity.  Rebekah got Amity for her 10th birthday and they’ve been best friends ever since. For the past two years Rebekah has taken nearly complete responsibility for her dog.

In helping my daughter learn to care for her own dog, I’ve realized that the easiest way to take great care of your dog is to develop routines. Today I’m sharing 5 easy ways to keep your dog in tip top condition with helpful routine ideas.

5 easy ways to keep your dog in tip top condition:

Choose the right food for your dog’s needs.

Purina® Pro Plan® brand DOG FOOD with Nutrition that Performs® to fuel your dog just as it has fueled the past 10 Westminster champions!  We went to Petco to choose the best Purina Pro Plan formula for Amity. We settled on Purina Pro Plan Sport – Performance 30/20 formula. The 30% protein and 20% fat ratio is perfect for our active farm dog while also helping to maintain lean muscle mass and working to optimize oxygen metabolism for increased endurance.

To get in the habit of feeding her dog twice a day, Rebekah always feeds Amity before sitting down to her own breakfast and dinner. In the first months after getting her puppy I would remind her, “You eat, your puppy eats!” 

Help your dog get regular exercise.
An active dog is a healthy dog. Build in time to help your dog exercise everyday. To build exercise into your routine, spend 30 minutes playing with your dog when you get home from work or school each day or take her for a walk when you get the mail. 

Schedule regular veterinarian visits.

Be sure to take your dog in for regular veterinarian visits to keep her at optimum health.

Take time to train your dog.

A well-behaved dog is in tip top shape. Leash training and learning simple commands are important to your dog’s safety.

Having a country dog, we learned the hard way that a dog doesn’t automatically know how to walk on a leash especially in a new or crowded location.
Take 5 to 15 minutes before feeding your dog each day to work on simple commands such as sit, stay, lay down, come, and heel. Put your dog on a leash and take her for walks often so she will know what to do when you need her on a leash.

Don’t forget dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene is often overlooked when considering the well being of a dog. It is recommend that you brush your dog’s teeth daily. Build dental hygiene into your play or feeding routine. You can also use dental toys and treats to help maintain good dental hygiene.  

With simple routines in place you’ll make habit of these 5 easy ways to keep your dog in tip top condition. Shop at Petco for Purina® Pro Plan® in Focus, Sport, or Bright Mind formulas. 

Since Purina® Pro Plan® has fueled the last 10 Westminster champions, learn how some of the champions get ready for the show. Also, don’t forget to enter to win a trip to Westminster!

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