Saturday Morning Sports- Tips for Getting to the Ballfields Without Stress

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Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes sports season. Soon evenings will be filled with practices while Saturday will include early morning games. These Saturday morning sports tips will help get your family to the ball field without stress.Saturday Morning Game Tips

The hardest part of sports season is getting out the door to the ballfields on Saturday morning! It always seems that a cleat is suddenly missing, siblings are fighting over a favorite water bottle, I can’t find my keys, breakfast gets spilled on a uniform, or some other unforeseen disaster hits.While I love cheering for my crew at ballgames on Saturday morning, the task of getting the family out the door, in correct uniforms, with all their sports gear is stressful.

Saturday Morning Game Tips

I’ve learned that planning and a little early preparation goes a long way toward making that Saturday morning rush better.Saturday Morning Game Tips

Beat the Saturday morning rush to the ballfields with these tips:

Get ahead of Saturday morning on Friday night.Saturday Morning Game Tips

  • Lay out clothes before going to bed Friday night. Make sure all uniform pieces from jerseys, to matching socks, and accessories like belts and hair bows are in the pile. Don’t forget to lay out clothes for the spectators. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up at a game with a little sibling still in pajamas because we ran out of time. Now I lay out little siblings clothes, all the way down to shoes the night before!
  • Check sports gear and put it in the car. My children each have a sports bag for all their gear, yet Saturday morning comes and suddenly something is missing. Now we check the bags for all gear on Friday night, and I put the bags in the car as soon as I know all the correct gear is there.
  • While loading the car, go ahead and put sports chairs, umbrellas, any anything else the family spectators might need in the trunk. I always load a few outdoor toys for younger siblings too.
  • Fill water bottles and prepare snacks (and lunch if needed). Don’t forget to plan for both the players and the spectators when packing!
  • Get the cooler out so loading snacks and water bottles will be easy in the morning.
  • Leave a note by car keys. After walking out the door with prepared snacks and water bottles left in the refrigerator, I place a sticky note on my keys listing what I still need to put in the car and any last minute tasks to complete.

Don’t forget breakfast.Saturday Morning Game Tips

Breakfast before early morning games used to have its own challenges, whether preschoolers spilling cereal on clean uniforms, or running out of time and skipping breakfast for most of the crew. That’s a recipe for an awful Saturday morning- heading out the door without breakfast! Sports players with no energy, and cranky, hungry spectators are no way to spend Saturday morning.Saturday Morning Game Tips

  • Make breakfast quick and easy. I recently found Jimmy Dean breakfast options at Martin’s Food Market that make breakfast quick and easy. With many different choices of frozen sandwiches and breakfast bowls, I can stock up on breakfast options the whole family loves. These Jimmy Dean options are microwavable so my preteens prepare breakfast independently as I help younger children. With meals ready in less than three minutes, breakfast doesn’t slow us down on busy sports mornings anymore!
  • Chose breakfast options that can be eaten on the go. Jimmy Dean frozen sandwiches are perfect to eat on the way out of the door when time gets tight.
  • Serve breakfast beverages in cups with a top and a straw to ensure clean uniforms stay clean until game time. Beverages with tops and straws are also perfect for finishing breakfast in the car if time runs short!Saturday Morning Game Tips

Good mornings lead to great days, especially great sports days, when you follow these simple tips to make Saturday morning smooth!

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Saturday Morning Game Tips

How do you get to the ballfields on Saturday morning with less stress?

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  1. I like your suggestion of using lids and straws for morning beverages. Great idea! Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches are a fave in our house.

  2. These are such great tips. When I plan out our outfits, pack diaper bags, and have an idea of what we are having for breakfast the night before a busy morning it definitely lessens the stress of trying to get out of the house on time.

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