Oh, the Messes Children Make

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One thing I have learned about children, is that they can make a mess. When we are on the go, those messes can be more than a little inconvenient! Whether my little one is digging in wet sand in the two minutes I am occupied passing out our picnic sandwiches at the park, or covering herself in art supplies on a play date.

Oh the Messes They Make

Thank goodness for portable baby wipes! In fact, you’ll rarely find me without a pack nearby by now. I keep them everywhere, a pack in my diaper bag, a pack in my camera bag (I can’t even count how many times they’ve saved a portrait session!), in my pool bag, my van.Oh the Messes They Make

This week those wipes saved an afternoon from stickiness when my sister and I took our children to an old fashioned general store for ice cream. Ice cream cones might be kid friendly, but they certainly are NOT Mom friendly- especially on a hot day!Oh The Messes They Make

I’m a fan of Huggies wipes with Huggies #tripleclean technology, Because Kids Outgrow Diapers, Not Messes*Oh the Messes They MakeWhat are your favorite uses of Huggies wipes, when your child is playing, exploring, or eating?

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