6 Genius Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Finish Their Chores

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Chores are a great way to help your kids learn valuable life skills – in addition to getting you a little more help around the house. But no matter how much value you see in your kids doing chores, chances are, your kids don’t see their importance. That’s why we have to get a little creative in providing motivation. Check out these six genius ways to motivate your kids to finish their chores to make sure they’re getting their chores done every day.
Make it a Race
One simple way to entice your kids to do their chores is to make chores a little more fun. Set a timer and challenge your kids to finish all their chores before the buzzer goes off. Making it a race will help your kids manage their time and work hard to complete their chores in a timely manner each day.
Another tried and true way to motivate your kids to finish their chores is to reward their hard work with an allowance. In addition to working as a reward, withholding your child’s allowance if chores aren’t complete is a simple way to entice them to finish the task.
WiFi Password
In our ever-connected world, withholding the WiFi password until chores are done is a simple way to motivate your kids to finish. This will require you to change your internet password each day, then provide the new password after your children finish their chores. Alternatively, you can grant access to electronic devices only after chores are finished, making your job a little easier since you won’t have to bother with changing the password each day.
Schedule a Time
Creating a schedule for your child’s day can be beneficial in a variety of ways, including helping them complete their chores. Building chores into their daily schedule is a simple way to motivate your children to finish their daily tasks. Scheduling a time for chores after school, before they are allowed to watch TV or play video games is an easy way to encourage your kids to finish their chores before doing anything else when they get home.
Reward Chart
Kids love being rewarded, especially young children. That’s why hanging a reward chart on the fridge is a great way to entice your kids to finish their chores. Allow them to place a sticker on the chart for each chore they finished, then proudly display their chore chart for everyone to see.
Change Things Up
Completing the same simple tasks day in and day out can get boring for kids. To make things more interesting, change up the chores your child is required to complete on a regular basis. In addition to keeping them engaged, this tactic also allows them to develop a variety of skills that can benefit them as they grow older.

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