6 No Stress Nightime Potty Training Tips

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Nighttime potty training is completely different than day time potty training. While your child may be out of diapers during the day, getting him out of diapers at night could be a completely different story. What do you need to know about nighttime potty training?

First, remember that each child is different. Nighttime potty training can come quickly to some children, while others may take much longer to stay dry at night.

Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Make nighttime potty training less stressful with these 6 tips.

Protect the bed.

No one wants to spend the night changing sheets and finding dry clothes. Don’t hesitate to keep your child in bedtime underwear until he is reliably dry at night. With GoodNites® available in a large variety of sizes, there is no worry about your child outgrowing absorbent night time pants before fully potty training.

Layer sheets in case of leaks or accidents with waterproof mattress pads between each layer of sheets. If an accident or leak happens simply peel off the top layer. In the middle of the night, that makes a huge difference!

Create bedtime habits.

Taking your child to the bathroom one extra time before bed can make a big difference in night time potty training. After the usual potty and brush teeth routine, add one more bathroom break just before turning out the light. Potty, brush teeth, read a book, and potty one more time.

Limit liquid.

About an hour before bedtime, put the cup away. My toddlers get in the habit of carrying a sippy cup around all day long. I find that if I go ahead and wash it soon after dinner, my child drinks less liquid and stays dry through the night more often.

Teach him what to do when he wakes.

Often a nighttime accident is the result of a child waking, but being hesitant to go potty alone. Plug the old baby monitor back in and teach your child to call out for help in the night when he wakes.

Wait it out.

You can’t rush night time potty training. Just be patient, and it will come. In the meantime, use GoodNites® to keep the sheets and your child’s clothes dry all night long.

Be positive.

Never scold a child for night time accidents. Be encouraging and understanding as your child’s body matures enough to make it through the night dry. Teach him that night time accidents are no big deal.

Night time Potty Training Tips

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6 No Stress Tips for Nighttime Potty Training

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