BB-8 Paper Plate Star Wars Craft

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You’ll be ready to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th with this super cute Paper Plate BB-8 craft!

Star Wars crafts are a great way to help your Star Wars fans be creative and might even get them busy with imaginative play once they’ve finished their crafts!

This BB-8 craft is so cute, your kids won’t be able to resist their urge to get crafting once they see it!

How to make a BB-8 Paper Plate Star Wars Craft


  • Colored papers
  • Paper plate
  • Black Marker
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template 1 (BB-8 parts template)
  • Template 2 (BB-8 body template)


Print out the templates and cut out all the pattern pieces.

Trace the patterns onto the paper color indicated on the template sheets. Use white paper for BB-8’s body.

Cut out all the pieces.

Glue the white spoke pieces onto the orange circles and half circle.

Glue the grey antennas on teh top of the head, and glue the curved grey peice towards the top fo the head.

(See below)

Glue the small grey strips onto the centers of the orange wheel patterns.

Glue the longer orange strips to the sides of the head, then glue the short orange pieceds to the bottom of the head.

See photo below for placement.

You can use scissors to trim the outer edges of the strips if necessary.

Use a black marker to draw the other details onto BB-8. You can draw the eyes on BB-8, or simply glue the eye pieces from the template right to his head.

Attach BB-8’s body onto a paper plate to complete the BB-8 craft. 

Adorable isn’t he?!

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