Adorable Bird Hug Bookmark

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Make summer time reading more fun with these adorable bird hug bookmarks.

Simply print out the free printable template, grab some colored paper, scissors, and glue- and get started crafting.

Your kids will love making these DIY bird bookmarks, and then they’ll be excited about reading a book with their bird bookmark peering over the page.

How to make a bird hug bookmark:


  • Colored paper- construction paper or card stock
  • Pencil
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Template


Choose the colored papers you’d like to use on your bird bookmark. Cut out the pattern pieces, trace them onto the colored papers, then cut them out.

You’ll find pattern pieces for the body, tail, wings(2), wing stripes (4), feet(2), eyes(2), cheeks(2), and beak.

Attach 3 wing stripes onto each wing.

Attach the tail piece near the bottom on one side of the bird’s body.

Next, attach the eyes and cheeks on the bird’s face as pictured below.

Now attach the beak to the middle of the bird’s face. Also, attach the bird’s feet to the bottom of the body.

Attach the wing to the bird’s body by applying a small drop of glue as pictured below. You’ll want to attach only the top portion of the wing to the bird’s body.

Attach the other wing using the same process. 

Your bird hug bookmark is complete. To use the bookmark place the bird’s body behind a page in your book, with the wings over the page to “hug” your page and keep your place.

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