Build a Solid Base of Bible Knowledge with Your Beginning Reader

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As I’ve homeschooled over the past decade much of the curriculum and materials I chose at the beginning of my journey have changed. However, one thing that has remained the same for all of my beginning readers is reading The Beginner’s Bible. No matter which beginning reading method or curriculum I’ve used for each child, their first Bible is always The Beginner’s Bible. 

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I first found The Beginner’s Bible when my 2nd child was learning to read and struggling a bit. I wanted to add some books to our home that she could feel confident reading. The Beginner’s Bible was recommended by another homeschooling mom, and it’s been a part of my children’s lives ever since. 
We both enjoyed starting our homeschool day with a story from The Beginner’s Bible. In the early days, she’d read a sentence or two and I’d read the rest, but before long she could read the whole story by herself each day. 

The Beginner’s Bible is not an early reader that will bore you to tears. I have enjoyed reading it with my children over and over again. It contains 94 of the most beloved and well-known stories in the Bible along with eye catching illustrations. The Beginner’s Bible doesn’t feel like school, it feels like story time. When my pre-readers want me to read aloud, I enjoy reading the The Beginner’s Bible to them. I’ve spent many hours beside my little children as they flip to favorite stories and discuss the illustrations.

Beyond school time, all of my newly reading children have enjoyed pulling The Beginner’s Bible off the shelf to read favorite stories again and again. In fact, our first copy of The Beginner’s Bible has been taped together many times from the constant use over a decade!

Every family needs The Beginner’s Bible in their library. Even before a child is reading on their own, the stories in this Bible are easy to understand with vibrant illustrations your child will love from babyhood on up through elementary school.

The Beginner’s Bible brand has been around for nearly 30 years and offers even more Bible based products that your kids will love from babyhood through elementary school.

I recently went on a business trip and left my three elementary school children at Grandma’s house with several of The Beginner’s Bible activity books to enjoy while I was away. They absolutely loved them and were so excited to see a Christmas activity book in our recent shipment of The Beginner’s Bible products. In fact, I haven’t seen it since I took its photo. They whipped it away and have been passing it back and forth completing activities! I definitely recommend keeping several on hand for when your children need a fun, quiet activity- whether it’s just a rainy day, or a long wait at doctor’s office, or helping them sit still through a church service.

The red book in the middle is a brand new gift edition of the Beginner’s Bible. I’ll be sharing more about it just after Thanksgiving- and I’ll be giving a few copies away!

Speaking of Christmas, The Beginner’s Bible has a lot of great Christmas themed products that are perfect for this time of year to help keep your kids focused on the real meaning of Christmas.  My kids and I are enjoying The Very First Christmas storybook. It’s going to have a permanent place in our box of Christ-centered Christmas books that we read each night during advent. 

My little girls love that they can read this Christmas story aloud to each other and their siblings.

After reading The Beginner’s Bible for so many years, I had no idea that the brand offered individual Bible stories as I Can Read! books. There is a whole line of of adorable books you can share with your early readers. I absolutely love everything about these readers and hope to add even more to our early reader library very soon.

Kids can feel overwhelmed sometimes when a thick book is put in front of them to read, even when they are only expected to read a page or two. These I Can Read! books solve that issue by including just one Bible story in each book. Kids can easily carry these books around, and have a great sense of accomplishment when they are able to read the whole book in one sitting. 

My girls have been passing these books back and forth re-reading the stories all week. I keep finding them sprawled around the house with a book in hand.

The Beginner’s Bible doesn’t leave your littlest ones out of their product line up. They help you start exposing your children to Bible stories from the beginning. I’ve shared about The Beginner’s Bible First 100 Bible Words before. You can see more photos and read my thoughts here.

This sweet little My First book of Prayers would be a wonderful baby shower gift or 1st birthday present.

Each pair of pages has an illustration of a Bible story, with a Bible verse reference plus a prayer to pray with your child. This book given with a copy of The Beginner’s Bible would be a precious gift!

The All Aboard Noah’s Ark book is my 5 year old’s favorite product from this shipment of books. He loves lifting the flaps and labeling what he sees.

This is the book he has wanted to read over and over, even trying to take it to bed with him at night!

You just can’t go wrong with The Beginner’s Bible. Engaging biblical teaching with vibrant illustrations and easy to understand text that can help give your children a solid base of Bible knowledge even as they are learning to read. And best of all, it all comes in line of great products your kids will enjoy and be excited to use!


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