Solar System Craft for Kids

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Make an out of this world solar system craft with your kids. This paper planet craft is perfect for a solar system unit study!

make planet cards with kids

Make this free printable solar system craft while learning all about the planets. Kids can make each planet card while learning facts about each planet craft they create.

This fun and easy solar system craft is great for outer space obsessed kids, and a perfect opportunity to show off their knowledge about the planets!

planet craft for kids

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After making all of the planet cards, kids can use a large piece of paper or poster board to make a model of the solar system using their cards. Or, glue each card to the top of a sheet of paper, listing fun facts about each planet underneath the planet craft.

Educational Solar System Resources

Read I am the Solar System with younger kids (preK to 1st grade) for age appropriate solar system facts. Starting at the Sun and working outward through the planets and belts, children will discover space objects while taking a tour of the Solar System.

Another great book for early elementary learners is Solar System for Kids. This junior scientists guide is filled with fascinating facts, photographs, and illustrations all about the solar system.

Solar System is perfect for your visual learners, filled with incredible photographs and illustrations along with detailed descriptions and facts about our solar system.

Every classroom (and home!) needs a great space encyclopedia for curious space explorers. You can’t go wrong with this encyclopedia from National Geographic!

Educational Solar System Activity Ideas

Make a DIY hanging solar system mobile with snap together planets your kids can paint before hanging on the provided mobile base.

Or, if you’d like to display a solar system on a desk, dresser or bookshelf, make this 3D solar system craft. Kids will love making their own glow in the dark planetarium!

Create a glow in the dark planetarium on your child’s bedroom ceiling with this glow in the dark planets and stars.

Display the solar system on your schoolroom (or kitchen) window after making stained glass planets with this fun kit.

Test your space knowledge while learning even more outer space facts with this fun Qurious Space game.

card planet craft

Free Printable Solar System Craft for Kids


  • Colored craft papers
  • White cardstock paper
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template


Download and print out the planet templates. Cut out all of the template pieces.

Select white cardstock paper to make the card bases.

Select colored craft papers for each planet. You can follow the template or you can use the internet or reference book to choose correct colors for each planet.

Trace the planet patterns on the selected papers and cut them out nicely.

Let’s start our craft with the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury.  

Glue the round yellow cutout in the middle of the orange cutout to make the sun.

Glue the small round cutouts onto the Mercury base cutout. 

Grab the Jupiter and the Uranus base cutouts.

Attach the strip cutouts on each planet as shown below. 

Use scissors to trim the extra ends of the strips around the planet bases.

Cut a slit along the yellow marked line of the Uranus ring pattern.

Insert the Uranus base pattern through the ring slit.

Apply glue to attach the ring onto the planet. 

Now, attach each planet onto a square piece of cardstock to create planet cards.

Complete the rest of the planets using the colored paper cutouts and the photo below for placement of the pieces.

outer space craft for kids cards

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