Camping in the Rain with Kids- Fun Rainy Day Camping Activities

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When it starts raining on your camping trip it’s easy to get discouraged. But camping in the rain can be so much fun- especially for kids!

What do you do when you are camping in the rain with kids? Try some of these fun camping activities for rainy days and create some great camping trip memories!

Camping can be one of the best experiences and some of the most amazing memories your kids will have of their childhood, but camping doesn’t always happen on sunshine filled days.

Sometimes the sun doesn’t come out and rain takes over for the day. Instead of letting the rain cast a shadow over the day use these rainy day camp activity ideas to keep your kids busy and make camping fun anyway.

How to Have Fun Camping in the Rain with Kids


Pack a few toys to keep your kids busy in case of rain.

Children can have so much fun playing inside the tent with toys- it feels like an adventure! You can also build a shelter outside the tent for playing using tarps and a canopy. If your campsite has a picnic shelter, that’s a great place to play on rainy days while camping.

Some toys that are great for camping include blocks, small action figures or dolls, toys cars, or puzzles.

My 5 year old spent an entire wet camping weekend setting up and waging battles with his army men!

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It’s always a great idea to take books on a camping trip!

If it rains, set up a cozy spot to relax and enjoy reading while listening to the rain and munching on snacks.

Reading is a great way to pass time and keep entertained for a while until the rain is done. Choose a fun adventure that will spark your child’s imagination on a camping trip like My Side of the Mountain


Crafts are another great way to keep kids busy on rainy camp days!

Pack craft supplies and simple craft kits like friendship bracelet kits, or foam craft projects for your kids to relax with and keep busy while they wait for the rain to stop.

Arts and craft projects make a great way to keep busy and your child can take what they made home to remember their camping trip with. 

Simply packing paper, glue, crayons, scissors, and markers is a great idea. Kids can enjoy making crafts with the nature surrounding them. They can try leaf or rock rubbings, make collages of nature, or draw their surroundings.

Get Wet

If the weather is warm enough, and there is no lightning, why not let your kids go out and play in the rain!

Go for a walk and see what wildlife does while it rains for a great learning opportunity your kids will love. 

Fishing when it rains is a great way to get more fish. Grab the fishing poles and take your children over to the water to see what they can catch. fish tend to bite well when it is raining making it a great time to help your child make memories of their first time catching a fish.

Water activities like swimming work perfectly fine in the rain. After all, you are already getting wet so going out of the water after swimming won’t feel so cold in the rain and already being dressed for the water means your child won’t be bothered by getting wet in the rain. Be sure to keep an extra close eye on children swimming in the rain and get them out of the water if the downpour gets too strong to see them.

Play a Game

We never camp without a deck or two of cards in our bags! They take up very little room and there are so many great games you can play with kids of all ages with nothing more than a deck of cards.

If your forecast shows rain, consider packing even more games. Board games are a great way to pass the time when it rains while camping. This can make a great activity for the inside of tents or under a gazebo where you can relax and enjoy some quality time together as a family. 

Use the Camp Ground Amenities

If your campground has amenities like an indoor arcade or activity center you can use this to escape from the rain for a while and keep the kids busy while they stay dry. When booking your campsite make a point to note if anything is offered so you can plan accordingly. 

Take a Day Trip

If you just can’t take any more time at your wet, rainy campsite consider taking a day trip away from the campsite to pass the rainy time.

Camping in the rain doesn’t have to be a disaster. Pick several of these fun activities to keep your family busy and happy when it rains on your camping trip.

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