Free Printable Dr. Seuss Scavenger Hunt

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Enjoy a Seussical Dr. Seuss activity with this fun (and free!) printable Dr. Seuss Scavenger Hunt.

Seuss scavenger hunt

This super fun Seuss Scavenger Hunt is perfect for celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday!

At the beginning of Dr. Seuss Week, give each child their own copy of this Seuss Scavenger Hunt. During the week as you read all your favorite Seuss books, watch movies, and make Seuss crafts, kids can check off all the Seuss characters and items they see.

This easy and fun Seuss activity is perfect at home or in the classroom. It takes very little prep from mom or teacher, yet the kids will have such a fun time completing their Seuss scavenger hunt!

seuss scavenger hunt printable

While celebrating Seuss week you’ll want to schedule lots of time for reading Seuss books. Plan to make a craft and snack to match all your favorite Seuss books!

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