25 Fun Indoor Activities to Beat the Heat this Summer

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Now that the kids are out of school, it’s up to you to keep them entertained for the next few months. And while sending them outside to play is a great option, sometimes the summer heat is too much to bear.

If your kids are looking for something to do and can’t head outside, consider one of these 25 fun indoor activities to beat the heat this summer.

  1. Create a summer bucket list filled with the all the things your kids want to do this summer.
  2. Make a batch of slime.
  3. Make a sundae bar in your kitchen with lots of ice cream flavors and topping options.
  4. Have a movie marathon with plenty of popcorn to eat.
  5. Create a treasure hunt for your kids by hiding clues throughout your house that lead to a special prize.
  6. Make cookies and decorate them with fun summer colors.
  7. Ask your kids to draw a self portrait or portrait of their family, then compare everyone’s artwork.
  8. Have a dance party in the living room to some of your favorite songs.
  9. Make root beer floats.
  10. Teach your kids how to make a simple meal for lunch or dinner.
  11. Sit down together and write handwritten letters to grandparents or family members you don’t see often.
  12. Declutter your bedrooms and have a yard sale.
  13. Create a fun craft using items you have in your art supplies.
  14. Build a city with Legos or building blocks.
  15. Make a fort in your living room using pillows, blankets, and sheets.
  16. Head out on the town to visit your favorite museum, go bowling, or watch a movie in the theater.
  17. Have a board game tournament by allowing each of your kids to pick their favorite board game to play together as a family.
  18. Grab all the pillows from around the house and have a classic pillow fight.
  19. Blow up a bunch of balloons and play games with them.
  20. Camp out in the living room by laying out sleeping bags on the floor and making microwave smores.
  21. Write a book and illustrate it.
  22. Paint a picture without using a paint brush – use your fingers, cotton swabs, bubbles, or anything else you can find in the house.
  23. Let your kids pick out their favorite books and read them all together.
  24. Let your kids raid your closet to play dress-up or have a fashion show.
  25. Play a round of charades.

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